Pokemon Sword and Shield: Here’s the code for Gengar Ash


The Pokemon Journeys anime is currently going through a serious arc when Ash participates in the World Coronation Series. Champions from all regions participate in this tournament, and the final battle is with the champion of Galar Leon. At the time of writing, Ash is fighting a decisive 6-on-6 battle against Cinno champion Cynthia.

Of course, Pokemon wouldn’t be Pokemon without the good old multimedia bindings. To celebrate this event, Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get Ash’s Pokemon into their teams using a special code.

Last time it was Ash’s Dragonite. Now Gengar Esha comes on the scene.

How to get Gengar Ash

As is the case with special online events in every Pokemon game, players can get Gengar Ash using the mysterious gift system. All the players need to do is connect their switch to the Internet, open the “Mysterious Gift” section in the main menu, go to “Get a mysterious gift”, and then click “Get with code/password”. From there they just need to enter this code:


Interested players should act as early as possible: this code will only work until September 15, 2022.

Attributes of Gengar Ash

Ash’s Gengar is level 80, with an unruly character and the “Cursed Body” ability. His four moves are Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Dazzling Gleam and Will-o-Wisp. This is a unique set of movements: with the exception of the shadow ball, all its movements are studied with the help of TM Pokemon. The rest of its characteristics are as follows:

Health: 210 Attack: 146 Special Attack: 237 Protection: 125 Special protection: 134 Speed: 205

Is Gengar worth Ash?

While it’s a pleasant treat, Pokemon Sword and Shield are at the end of their life cycle, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are just around the corner. With that in mind, is it worth going through this rigmarole?

For persistent collectors and anime fans, this is not a question. Gengar has been a fan favorite since the first generation and became the second new Pokemon to join Ash’s team in Pokemon Journeys. Even if it’s not used, it’s a fun novelty.

While it’s currently unknown which Pokemon won’t return for Scarlet and Violet’s Pokemon, this relative importance means that Gengar and the rest of Ash’s team will probably make the list. Players should be able to transfer them from Sword and Shield to a new game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for the Nintendo Switch.


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