Pokémon Sword and Shield has its second DLC in October


The Pokémon Company published a new trailer for Las Nieves de la Corona.

The second part of the downloadable content of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass already has an arrival date. They also let us know all the details that the DLC will bring.

Las Nieves de la Corona will go on sale on October 22 for Nintendo Switch and will have a physical edition with the base game that will be released on November 6.

This expansion will bring us all the legendary Pokémon from the previous installments; the story begins with Peony putting us in charge of an expedition in this new area. We can explore new wild areas and caves, as well as fight epic Dynamax battles either alone or with your friends.

The function of the Galar Stars Tournament will be added, which will allow us to play in 2 vs 2 combats with other trainers from the original game and the expansions.


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