Pokémon SV Guide — where to find the same


The favorite Pokemon of breeders in the Paldea region is just around the corner, but it will take a little more patience to catch this purple drop. In this Pokémon SV guide, we will tell you where to find Ditto in Scarlet and Violet.

Where can I find Ditto?

The same is very useful to have if you breed Pokemon to make those perfect IVs or complete your Pokédex. You can catch the same thing in Western Province (second zone) and Western Province (third zone). Finding him can be a daunting task, as he doesn’t just look like a purple blob, but instead disguises himself as another Pokemon.

Two Ways to Make Sure You’ve Caught a Ditto:
Join the battle with wild Pokemon

Where can I find Ditto? After you go to the Western Province (second zone) or the Western Province (third zone), explore the area and fight with wild Pokemon in the area. Once the battle begins, Ditto will return to his original form. This allows you to just run away if it’s not Ditto.

The same thing, who imitates other Pokemon tends to differ in terms of their behavior. If Ditto imitates Pineco, it will just lie on the ground. The same thing that imitates other Pokemon will just mimic their behavior, either they are aggressive, or ignore, or just stand there.


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