Pokémon SV Guide – How to Develop Goldengo


The Paldea region is full of different types of Pokemon that you can catch, grow and fight. In this Pokémon SV guide on how to develop Gholdengo, you will find that this 9th generation Pokemon is a good find. Take it?

Who is a Gholdengo?

Gholdengo is a Pokemon “Coin Entity” that evolves from Gimmigul. One of the latest Pokemon added in the 9th generation of the franchise is the Steel and ghost type Pokemon, which is weak against ground, fire, ghost and dark attacks. Entries in Pokédex are as follows:

Scarlet: “It seems that his body consists of 1000 coins. This Pokemon gets along well with others and will quickly make friends with anyone.”

Violet: “He has a strong body consisting of stacked coins. The Gholdengo crushes his enemies by shooting them coin by coin in quick succession.”

Where to catch Gimmigul?

Unlike other wild Pokemon, the search for Gimmigul is completely unique. You can only find Himmigul inside a chest throughout the Paldea region. These chests are usually found in ruins and on the tops of various watchtowers scattered throughout the region. As soon as you find the chest, engage him in battle and catch Himmigul.

How to develop a Gholdengo?

You can develop Pokemon by leveling up, exchanging them, using stones, or forcing them to hold a certain item to start its evolution. How to get the Gholdengo from your Gimmigul will be a task that is not as easy as it seems. After you catch yourself a Gimmigul, you will need to collect 999 Gimmigul coins to develop your Pokemon from the coin chest.

You can get Gimmigul coins from a wandering Gimmigul in the Paldea region, so make sure you interact with them to get your coins. Unfortunately, you can’t catch them in the wild and can only get them while they are in the form of a chest. Once you have successfully collected 999 coins, level up Gimmigul by 1 and you will receive a Gholdengo.

There are many more Pokémon to be found and seen in the Paldea region, and we have many more Pokémon SV guides, such as “How to Develop Gholdengo” on ClutchPoints Gaming! Be sure to keep checking to find out more. Good luck, Coach!


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