Pokémon SV Guide – How to Catch a Wo-Chien


In Pokemon games, you can always catch legendary characters that are waiting for you as part of your journey. In this Pokémon SV guide, we will teach you how to catch Vo Chien, one of the four destructive Pokemon.

Who are the destructive Pokemon?

The four destructive Pokemon are Wo-Chien (dark and grass type), Chien-Pao (dark and ice type), Ting-Lu (dark and ground type) and Chi-Yu (dark and fire type). These four can be quite difficult to catch, as you will need to find all the Sinister Stakes that you will need to remove in order to open their shrines.

Where can I find their shrines?

You can get help finding the shrines of each of them by completing a history track at the Academy with history teacher Rayforth.

Need help with the exam? Here are the answers to the story track:


What is the name of the geological formation in the center of the Paldea region?
Answer: The Great crater of Paldea.
What, as it was believed for a long time, rests in the depths of Zone Zero?
Answer: treasure
How many years ago did the Paldean Empire begin to rule this region?
Answer: About 2000 years ago.
How many years ago was this academy built?
Answer: 805 years ago.
Those who are looking for ______, do not need to look further than Paldea oranges.
Answer: Knowledge
The finale of the story
What is the name of the area in the Large Crater Paldea?
Answer: Zone zero.
How many years ago was this academy founded?
Answer: 805 years ago.
Which of these did not figure in the Paldean tale of the four treasures?
Answer: folding fan.
Which of the members of the Area Zero expedition wrote a report on the team’s actions?
Answer: Hit
How many years ago did Professor Sada invent Tera Orbs?
Answer: 10 years ago

After completing the intermediate and final stages of the story, Rayfort will mark the location of these four shrines on your map. Talk to her in the lobby of the Academy, standing to the side of the main door.

How to open a temple?

You will need to find all the Sinister Stakes for the shrines to open. For Wo-Chien, you will need to find all eight (8) purple ominous stakes and pull them out of the ground. The various places you can visit are listed below:

South of the Lost Platos, on a hilltop in the Southern Province (Zone 1).

Northeast of Los Platos and east of the Pokemon Center outside Mesagosa, at the corner of the plateau in the Southern Province (Zone 1)

Los Platos in the Southern Province (Zone 1), at the top of the spiral plateau.

Near the bridge leading to the Southern Province (Zone 3), near Mesagosa.

Southwest of the Southern Province (Fifth Zone), on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Southern Province (First Zone)

After exiting east of Mesagosa, continue east through the Southern Province (Zone 3) up a rocky hill.

South of Artazon (east), the Pokemon Center is at the top of a muddy hill.


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