Pokémon: student sells $ 80,000 in cards to pay for college


Student Caleb King, from the University of North Georgia, became an international topic on the web after confirming the sale of an incredible batch of rare Pokémon TCG cards valued at more than $ 80,000 to fund his studies in medical school.

According to a report by the Fox 5 Atlanta news agency, Pokémon cards were incredibly valued after about four years, when they were acquired for $ 4,000 (about R $ 21,000) in 2016. Now in 2020, a new revaluation on the very rare items of collection indicated values ​​above U $ 80 thousand only for a portion of the collection acquired, resulting in an excellent deal on the part of the university student, who made auctions available to fans on the internet.

“A lot of people tried to discourage me from doing this in the beginning, especially my parents,” said King. “They said, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be spending that much money on these cards, this is ridiculous.’ I didn’t listen, and it was worth it. ”

Unfortunately, the sale of the cards was not enough for the student to be able to pay his expenses in full, but King already had a card up his sleeve – or “letters”, pardon the pun – and launched another 21 items from his collection to be marketed online, believing that he would be able to raise another $ 50,000 to fulfill his dream of being an orthopedic surgeon.

Taking into account that one of these auctioned cards is a “Red Cheeks Pikachu” from the first booster set valued at US $ 20 thousand (about R $ 104 thousand), everything indicates that the story will have a happy ending very soon.


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