Pokémon Shiny Diamond And Shimmering Pearl, Impressions. This Is How Sinnoh Has Changed


Pokémon: We attended a virtual presentation to find out all the news about these remakes, including the renovated Underground Grottoes and the Supercontest Galas. Pokémon celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary facing changes and making decisions, moving away from its comfort zone to fix its gaze on two fronts. On the one hand, Game Freak embarks on adventure with real-time action, open environments, discovery; on the other, thirst for nostalgia, to look back to understand where we come from and, who knows, perhaps to glimpse a possible future. The meeting point between Pokémon Legends Arceus and Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl is Sinnoh, the region that tells us about the origin of everything, the one that inaugurated the double screen, the Internet connection and many other innovations. The fourth generation, the one in which so many millions of players started in this universe, is not just any one. This is why the role of these remakes is so important.

MeriStation has been able to attend a virtual presentation organized by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo to show us this new Sinnoh and explain what the objective of these titles is: who is it aimed at, how it differs from previous remakes and, most importantly, why prejudices for his artistic direction should be left out of the debate.

Respecting the past and adapting to the present: this is how Sinnoh has changed

Balance between tradition and modernity is the combination that best fits with this new appointment. That is the first conclusion we draw after watching 25 minutes of pure gameplay. Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl are remakes in the purest sense of the word; They are not reimagining or disruptive, but rather aware that during these fifteen years much progress has been made in small details that streamline the experience and make the adventure more enjoyable. A mapping and interface that remains 1: 1, although with obvious artistic changes to mix 2D with 3D. All this will be present here, as we are going to tell you below.


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