Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should fix a serious problem with the Gun 8 DLC


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are two months away from launch, and although The Pokemon Company has released five trailers, none of them delved into the Paldinsky pokedex in terms of revelations. However, various leaks and rumors leading up to the upcoming Gen 9 release have indeed revealed more information about which Pokemon will appear, both new and old, and the leaders insist on the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have DLC. It’s too early to determine if there really will be some form of expansion for Gen 9 games and when it might appear, but it’s likely that the idea behind it is the same as for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

8th generation games were initially heavily criticized for the infamous Pokedex clipping, which meant that Pokemon Sword and Shield didn’t have all the critters ever released before the 8th generation, but only a small number of returning pocket monsters. This was partially fixed with the omission of the expansion, which included Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra, and although the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet regional Pokedex doesn’t seem to suffer the same issues as Gen 8, it may still inherit the serious problem presented with it. In fact, the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC needed to be bought for a specific version of the game, not something that could be unlocked for their Nintendo account or their console, and the 9th generation shouldn’t be doing the same.

Why DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should work differently than for Gen 8

Having to buy both Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC for every copy of Gen 8 games you own was an unnecessarily frustrating practice that seemed disingenuous to many longtime fans. This is especially true for the 8th generation because it didn’t have a sequel or a third version to bridge the gap with the 9th generation. that those who bought both Pokemon Sword and Shield had to either abandon the extensions, or pay double the price, or give preference to one copy.

Many Pokemon fans tend to collect multiple copies of new core games in order to go through them alone in different ways or just play with friends and family whenever possible. The collaborative features of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet even push for this type of experience because they allow players to team up with other trainers and explore the Paldea region with them, even in local communication. However, if Gen 9 uses the same approach as Pokemon Sword and Shield, playing with the nearest and dearest can be quite expensive and to some extent negate the goal of joint functions.

Instead, making the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet extensions a one-time purchase for every Gen 9 game on the account would be the best move in the long run. Moreover, this practice will allow fans who play alone or with loved ones not to limit their progress in a particular copy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, especially considering that the number of completely new species from the Gen 8 expansion passage turned out to be very low. .

In fact, the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions, which are separate purchases for a specific copy of Gen 8 games, depended on the fact that powerful new legendary creatures were introduced in quests where players had to choose one of the two. This is true for two Urshifu forms, the new legendary titans Regieleki and Rehydrago, as well as Kalirex Shadow Rider and Kalirex Ice Rider. While it makes sense to some extent, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could do away with this feature and instead let everyone just buy expansion passes that cover all Gen 9 games, regardless of how many copies a single user may own.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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