Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveal the name of the new Pokemon, more information will appear soon


On August 29, Pokemon’s official Twitter account posted an image of a painted forest. Given the connection of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with Spain, it was not difficult to conclude that this is a game location based on the painted forest of Om, located in the Basque Country between Spain and France. However, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans were furious, as the post also teased the Pokemon responsible for painting this forest, with several theories that Paldean Smeargle was thrown there.

However, this does not seem to be the case. Pokemon’s official Twitter account added even more information about this Pokemon with paint on August 30th, and it looks like it’s getting ready for proper disclosure. Maybe it will end with a stream like Galarian Ponyta, maybe it will lead to another Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, or maybe it will just lead to another Twitter post, but a recent post shows more than yesterday’s and suggests there will be more. .

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet message, as shown below, states that the photographer taking pictures of the region discovered that the person responsible for the Pokemon is called Grafayi. In the last post, fans can see the silhouettes of the new Pokemon, the clearest of which is running on the forest floor. He has a long tail that ends with a large tip, other images suggest that he has a Pikachu-shaped face, and, in at least one of the images, he has shorter arms and legs. The post added that the photographer “left us a promise to get an exciting revelation soon!” Without a doubt, this seems to refer to the full disclosure of Grafaiai, and in this cadence it seems that something could happen tomorrow, August 31 (although this is pure speculation based on social media posts made on August 29 and 30).

In addition, fans have come to the conclusion that this is a Pokemon based on a lemur, since “ai-ai” or “ai-ai” is a kind of lemur. In other words, the name of this new creature Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a fusion of graffiti and lemur species. For those who follow the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, this Pokemon has been teased before, and therefore fans may already know a few other details about it.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU WANT TO ENTER THIS OPENING OR POKEMON S/V FRESH, GO BACK NOW. According to recent leaks from sources such as Khu and Kaka, Grafaiai is a two-stage Pokemon lemur. Hu apparently teased that this is a double-type Pokemon, with normal as the first type and the letter “P” as the secondary. This assumes that it is either Normal/Mental, or Normal/Poisonous, although the former seems more likely. Hu also suggests that Grafayi emits the basic vibrations of Stitch, a small blue alien in Lilo and Stitch. Hopefully the official Pokemon Twitter account will confirm more soon, as this may well turn out to be a popular new 9th generation Pokemon if it’s legal.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on Switch.


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