Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaker pin their hopes on the number of new Pokemon


There are almost four months left before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but The Pokemon Company has said little about what the games entail. There have only been two trailers so far, and as for the new 9th generation Pokemon, fans only know something about the three starter, three early route Pokemon and two legendary exclusive versions, Corydon and Miraydon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. accordingly. Most of the information available on the internet about 9th generation games is currently coming from leaks, with the most trustworthy of them being the Riddler Hu, who has a proven track record that goes back to the distant past. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that all this is unofficial information, and therefore it should be taken with a degree of skepticism.

Riddler Khu recently shared type combinations for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters, and they also confirmed that there will be a new concept that is apparently called “Regional Fakes”. At the moment, very little is known about which new Pokemon will appear in the ninth generation, as well as about which creatures will return from past games. However, Khoo has shared new information that may set expectations for a new number of pocket monsters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

In a new tweet, Hu stated that regional fakes are completely new types of Pokemon that have their own Pokedex numbers, and that players should expect something similar to Generation 6 if mega—evolutions were new forms and not a trick. There were very few new Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y, only 72 creatures were part of Pokedex, but the games featured 30 Mega Evolutions for 28 different Pokemon, as both Charizard and Mewtwo received exclusive versions of Megas. Thus, the estimated new number of Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be from 100 to 110 creatures.

This is still higher than Pokemon Sword and Shield, which had 89 new Pokemon at release and a total of 96 in Generation 8 overall, meaning Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have the most new species since Generation 5. This information is especially interesting because Hu also confirmed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have DLC, which means that even more species may be added in the long run.

Recently, a leader called PokemonLEAKS also shared details about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fighting trick, which was later partially confirmed by Khu. Since it apparently doesn’t consist of evolution-related mechanics that would justify the estimated number of new Pokemon in Generation 9, since Game Freak wouldn’t have to create more creatures that appear exclusively during battles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.