Pokemon Scarlet and Violet “Leak” Pawmi’s Evolution is circulating on the Internet


Fans are looking forward to more information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many believe that Game Freak and Nintendo will show something soon — perhaps by the end of the month. Meanwhile, fans were busy with rumors about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, speculation, fan art and much more. Some of the leaks that appear on the net, if from a reliable source such as Riddler Hu, seem quite legitimate, while many, many others are highly questionable.

For example, while Riddler Hu hinted at the final form of Fuecoco evolution, the direct “leak” of Sprigatito’s final evolution was recognized as a fake. The result was a modified Obstagoon, and the source code is always the first thing someone should check. If it’s from Hu or a well-known insider, there’s a good chance it’s legitimate; if it’s just spreading on social media without a real source, it should be taken with a lot of skepticism, for example, the evolution of Pawmi, which is now spreading on the internet.

Paumi is one of three new, non—starter/legendary Pokemon introduced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it’s a small red and yellow electric mouse. Many have identified him as the next clone of Pikachu, which is fair enough, but now images of his supposed evolution have spread online. Judging by this image, Paumi will become bipedal, grow a little stocky, and his hair will fluff on top of his head. It is not known whether this image should depict the last form of Paumi or the middle form, and it should be noted that there is a high probability that it is a fake.

A new potential leak of information about the evolution of Paumi. Soulsilver believes that this is 99% fake and far from what the Pawmi evo could look like. I think this is the most accurate game/art style from PokeLeaks.

Firstly, Pikachu clones usually don’t get evolution. Plusle, Miniun, Mimikyu and many others prove it. Secondly, although many praised him for adhering to the artistic style of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many noted that it does not look like the evolution of Pokemon, problems with technical design and other reasons why it can be concluded that it is a fake. Indeed, the best thing to do with new Pokemon, such as the supposed evolution of Paumi, is to assume something as direct as it is fake.

It’s not that Pokemon leaks are impossible; it’s that Big N will close them quickly. Most likely, if this Pawmi evolution for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were real, the images would have already been removed from the internet. However, it’s nice to see what the community thinks when it comes to the next generation of Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.