Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak May Reveal Exclusive Versions of Paradox Pokemon


It’s no secret that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are closely related to time travel, and the idea of “paradoxical Pokemon” has been spreading on the web for some time. These are Pokemon that somehow traveled through time in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while there are ancient forms and forms of the future, presented as, in fact, a type of regional variants in the upcoming game.

It makes perfect sense that the ancient forms should be exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, and the future forms should be exclusive to Pokemon Violet, but since there is so little information about the game at the moment, it’s hard to say exactly what these Pokemon are. Indeed, in terms of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet exclusives, all that is really known are different professors and a handful of Pokemon like Stonjourner and Eiscue.

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Now, one recent leak seems to paint a picture of these forms being exclusive, as easy to predict, but goes on to detail exactly which ancient forms and exactly which future forms players may encounter. This information was collected by CentroLeaks, but apparently comes from the Riddler Hu, who correctly caught a number of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks. It should still be taken with disbelief.

In any case, according to these leaks, there are seven ancient forms of Scarlet and seven forms of the Future of Violet, not counting the legendary Corydon and Miraydon (which are supposedly Pokemon paradoxes of the basic Pokemon bike). This also doesn’t include Suicune and Virizion, which are said to be in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC as Paradox Pokemon. Here are the paradoxical Pokemon and the games for which they are considered exclusive:

Exclusive versions of Pokemon Scarlet — Ancient Forms

Donfan Volkarona Amungus Magnezone Salamens Jigglypuff Misdreavus

Exclusive versions of Pokemon Violet – Future Forms

Donfan Volkarona Gallade Hariyama Gudra (Uncertain) Tiranitar Deliberd

What’s interesting is how Dongfan and Volkarona are said to appear in both games, although of course with Pokemon Scarlet gets the Ancient Dongfan and Volkarona, and Pokemon Violet gets the Future Dongfan and Future Volkarona. Each game also has a Paradox Pokemon based on a pseudo legend, and Ancient Salamence and Future Tyranitar are likely to be an extremely powerful addition to any team. Of course, this may still not be enough for some fans to decide which game to pre-order, especially given that this is unofficial information, but hopefully Game Freak and The Pokemon Company will see fit to reveal these Pokemon Paradox soon enough. Who knows, there may even be more than this leak suggests.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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