Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How Grafaiai can be related to Smeargle


After being teased with lots of colorful pictures of painted trees and confirming its name, Grafaiai has finally been featured for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. Derived from both graffiti and ai-ai lemur, this new Toxic Monkey Pokemon has been confirmed to be a venomous/normal type, the first of its kind, with its trick focused on using the berries of its diet to draw trees and mark territory. . Grafaiai’s unique design has become a long-awaited addition to the Gen 9 lineup as fans await the official release of the games in November.

But on the eve of the Graph’s exposure, rumors were feverishly circulating about what the Game Freak teasers meant. Returning to the marketing style that characterized most of the Sword and Shield Pokemon disclosures, fans believed that the paint markings actually indicated an older Pokemon, Smergla. Fans have suggested that literally known as Pokemon Artist, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will present a regional version for Smergl. However, after Grafaiai’s announcement, they are now rethinking how he and Smeargle can relate to each other, with the hope of a new regional form.

A new Pokemon Rivalry

Throughout the history of Pokemon, there have been Pokemon created as a duo or pair. Gen 3 is full of examples, including Plusle and Minun, Volbeat and Illumise, and even Solrock and Lunatone. Some of these pairs were even positioned as rivals, such as Seviper and Zangoose, going so far that some pairs became part of the exclusive version of each game. Since both Smeargle and Grafaiai are Pokemon centered around drawing, it’s possible that Game Freak intends to create a new duo with its latest Gen 9 addition.

While in hindsight making Smeargle part of a pair seems strange after two decades without changes, this isn’t the first time Game Freak has adjusted its Pokedex between generations. For example, between Gens 1 and 2, Pinsir was initially considered as an analogue of Scyther, but with the advent of the new Steel-type Pokemon Scizor, Pinsir was instead connected to the new Heracross. Then, when Mega Evolutions were introduced in Gen 6, this was reinforced by the fact that Pinsir and Heracross became exclusive versions for Pokemon X and Y, and each of them received Mega Mvolutions.

Despite the fact that there is a big gap between generations, Smirgle and Grafayi can be the new retroactive duo of Scarlet and Violet. Interestingly, in the trailer revealing Grafaiai, specific comments were made about how he draws to mark his territory, since in the Pokedex Smeargle entries he does the same. Grafaiai’s gameplay footage also shows that players will be able to see these markings on trees, which means that players will be able to identify its territory. It is quite possible that these Pokemon will be rivals and may even become exclusive versions for Scarlet and Violet, respectively.

Hope for Paldin Smirgla

With the announcement of Grafaiai, fans who were hoping for Paldean Smeargle may be disappointed, but since Paldean Wooper is the only regional option seen so far, there is still hope for further openings. Given that these Pokemon have so much in common, it would be a mistake on the part of Game Freak not to take advantage of this opportunity. It would be unusual not to even touch on this, which has led to some wilder speculation that Game Freak might actually save further disclosure of Paldean Smeargle for a later date due to the hype it caused with Grafaiai.

Explaining the existence of the Paldine Smirgle would be easy, since it would only need to rely on its rivalry with Grafayi to justify another form. Then, if players can see the bright, colorful markings left by Grafaya, there may be alternate colors or markings left by Paldin Smirgle to help players find each Pokemon. Another option, in addition to the new regional option, can be found with the rumored Paradox Pokemon. Players could see an unstable alternative form of Smeargle, which now threatens the Grafaiai population in Paldea.

Whether Game Freak plans to do something with Smeargle is still unknown, but fans are still hoping. It is equally likely that although these two Pokemon have similar design and knowledge, this is all that Game Freak is capable of. At best, somewhere in the games there should be at least one or two lines referring to the similarity of Smirgle with Graphaya, for example, in the entries of Scarlet and Violet in Pokedex or in NPC dialogues. The door for Paldin Smirgle will remain open in the coming months until the release of Scarlet and Violet, unless Game Freak confirms that Grafayi will hold the center stage alone.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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