Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have leaked details about the elite Four, the new Pokemon Ghost and much more


There are 100 days left before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and recently the participating companies showed a new trailer that talks about Tera types and much more. It doesn’t seem like Game Freak or The Pokemon Company feel too compliant from this generation’s point of view, but it goes without saying that as the release approaches, more and more information will appear. However, in the meantime, many have turned to various rumors and leaks about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Some of them turned out to be true, some came from reliable sources, and similarly many came from bad sources and turned out to be false. Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should treat all unofficial information with distrust, regardless of the track record of the source. Now the leader, known as Poryleeks, claims that he has new details about the Elite Four, the new Ghost-type Pokemon and much more, and it all sounds interesting (but it cannot be proved that it is true or false, so it should be taken with disbelief).).

Porilix reports that there is a ground-type member in the elite four, after it was previously reported that there will be a dragon-type member and a flying-type member. However, what caught the attention of many in this line-up is that each member will be weak against the Ice Type if it turns out to be legal. Theoretically, this would make three of the four Elite Pokemon trainers a simple walkthrough with the right setup, but it’s worth noting that they will probably also include Pokemon with powerful Tera types, so it might not be that easy.

Poryleeks also reports that there will be a new Pokemon ghost, but also confirmed that its design will be based on a coin. It could be something like a Steel Ghost based on gold, similar to the history of piracy in the region, and it would be interesting to see if the final form would be like a possessed chest full of gold and coins. This is, of course, just a guess by ear right now. He also reports that the region’s legendary quartet is not based on Dragon or Fairy types and that perhaps there are no racing mini-games in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which potentially refutes another rumor, since players can ride Corydon and Miraydon.

It’s impossible to know which of these will turn out to be legitimate until Game Freak officially announces it. Let’s hope that the floodgates for this information will open soon enough, and another Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer will be more useful.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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