Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan point out the advantages of Open Pokemon Centers


A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet noticed a key detail about Pokemon centers in the following parts of the series and how they can change one long-standing problem that many players have faced. One small change in the traditionally important location of Pokemon can make the transition between battles and getting items to recover in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet much smoother.

Since Pokemon Red and Blue were released, Pokemon players have been unable to do things like ride a bike or fly out of Pokemon centers due to certain internal restrictions. This tradition has been carried over into many mainstream Pokemon games, with the exception of a few areas such as Sky Pillar and underground passages. An astute Reddit user named Kilzie noticed that the open nature of the Pokemon outdoor centers teased during the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer could allow Pokemon trainers to fly or land without restrictions due to the limitations faced by previous generations.

Kilzie’s post included an image from one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailers and two from Pokemon Sword and Shield, which illustrate their point of view on the juxtaposition with the Gen 9 photo. A screenshot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet highlights the scale and open design of Pokemon centers in 9th generation games, where two trainers stand outside next to the counter. which may seem familiar to Pokemon fans who are used to interacting with non-player characters in previous games of the main series. . Because of this addition of open Pokemon centers to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Kilzie notes that players can benefit from the ability to fly or ride a bike at will.

Like the Pokemon centers in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the centers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet include Poke Mart and online features such as trading and battles in one place that is becoming increasingly compressed. These outdoor Pokemon centers are the only ones that have been teased in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailers so far, shown in snowy and grassy areas, and they may be the only model of an important center. While these open Pokemon centers are the only such places that have been featured in trailers, Pokemon academies that are part of the story can also offer items or health restoration.

While many Pokemon fans expressed enthusiasm for what were dubbed “pokecentres for travel,” others expected that players would not be able to fly if they were too close to a building, or that a pop-up window might encourage them to do so. certain actions elsewhere. Since Corydon and Miraydon have been spotted near Pokemon centers, it’s likely that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will at least be able to ride their legendary 9th generation Pokemon to the updated 9th generation open centers.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.


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