Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Made a brilliant version of Klawf


A Pokemon fan recently created a brilliant version of the new rock-type Pokemon Clough from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will apparently introduce over 100 new Pokemon when they launch later this year, although Game Freak, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are keeping most of the newcomers a secret. New Pokemon were gradually revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a few months before the release of the games, with one of the most recent new Pokemon being Klawf type Rock.

Klawf is the latest in a long line of crab—based Pokemon, although it stands out because it belongs to the stone type rather than the typical water type. Known as the “Pokemon Ambush”, Klauf introduces a brand new franchise ability called Anger Shell. Klawf’s Anger Shell ability makes it so that as soon as a Pokemon loses half of its health in battle, it becomes angry. This affects Klauf’s stats, reducing his defense and special defense, but increasing his attack, special attack, and speed stats.

Presumably, Klawf will have a brilliant option in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, although it has not yet been revealed. In fact, to date, none of the brilliant variants of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been revealed, so fans have taken matters into their own hands by creating fan art that represents what these brilliant Pokemon might look like. One such fan is Reddit user Osmiooo, who came up with what a shiny Clough might look like in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

I made a glitter for Klawf! It’s gray to look like an ordinary stone, as if it had to hide on an ordinary colored stone! from PokemonScarletViolet

Osmooo’s interpretation of the brilliant Klauf shows that the Pokemon is losing its orange color in favor of a new gray color. This is done to make Klawf look like an ordinary stone, which would help him disguise himself and fit into the Ambush Pokemon theme. It is quite possible that the real glitter for Klawf will have a similar color scheme, but it is also possible that it will look completely different. It’s unlikely that the shiny options will be revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet before launch, so fans will probably have to wait to play the games themselves to find out exactly what Klawf’s shiny uniform looks like.

Many of the new Pokemon introduced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been enthusiastically received by the community, and Klawf is no exception. Klawf will play an important role in the games, as players will have to confront the Klawf Titan if they hope to complete all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet storylines.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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