Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan have developed their own evolution for the regional Wooper


Although they should only be taken at face value, there have been many rumors and leaks regarding the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Game Freak and the other companies involved have been incredibly quiet, and many fans have relied on unofficial information to even guess what the next generation includes. Some rumors and leaks about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are more credible than others, but ultimately it’s hard to tell.

For example, there are rumors about a lot of new Pokemon designs, such as a new Dolphin Pokemon, fire/grass type, and so on. There are also rumors of new regional variants and inter-generational evolutions, such as the new Primeape. One of them is a new variant/evolution between generations for a new form of Wooper in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

One fan, based on this, developed his own view of the regional evolution of Wooper. Twitter user King_Joseff shared his opinion on the Internet, and this is also an interesting form for Pokemon. Unlike Quagsire, this evolution retains more of the axolotl traits observed in Wooper, but increases the size of its external gills and strokes. Axolotls undergo a special type of evolution in which they remain more aquatic than other salamander species, and this approach is also evident here.

King Joseph published two different color variations of these evolutions: one is dark blue and purple, and the other is dull blue and pink. While this could be a change due to one of them being a brilliant Pokemon, it would also lead to interesting gender differences similar to Gastrodon. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how close this design is to the rumored evolution of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, if indeed it exists.

Taking into account the initial disclosure, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received only two trailers. This confirmed a ton of 8 Pokemon, including region starters, and several features such as non-linear design, four-player co-op, and shared themes. It would be logical to show more before their release in November, but lately it’s been bare bones. Indeed, it’s understandable why many have turned to rumors and leaks, but fans should be sure to accept everything with a grain of salt until the opposite is confirmed.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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