Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan have developed their own brilliant starting options


When The Pokemon Company first announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it completed the initial trailer with the unveiling of a new starter Pokemon. Like almost all the major Pokemon game series before them, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will give players the opportunity to choose between three different starter games at the beginning of their adventure. This time Pokemon fans will be able to choose between a grass-type starter Sprigatito, a fire-type starter Fuecoco and a water-type starter Quaxly.

The initial disclosure of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters showed their static images, but in the second trailer, fans got to know each other better. This trailer showed a close-up of all three starting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which gave fans a better idea of their personalities. However, there are still many unanswered questions about the starting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, such as what their shiny shapes will look like.

Shiny Pokemon, for the uninitiated, are extremely rare variants of Pokemon that have different color schemes than usual. Sometimes these color changes make the Pokemon look significantly different than usual, but other times the shiny options offer only minor color changes. It’s unlikely that Pokemon fans will see brilliant starting options until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out, but one fan imagined what they might look like in that time.

My view on SV starts with shiny shapes from PokemonScarletViolet

Reddit user itsmeesprit has created his own take on what the starting shiny variants of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might look like when the games come out later this year. In the interpretation of itsmeesprit, usually the green color of Sprigatito acquires a new pink color, and the color of Fuecoco has changed from red to gold. Despite the color change, this still allows Fuekoko to retain its apple look, as there are yellow/gold colored apples as well as red ones.

The Quaxly water-type starter has the most subtle changes in the brilliant redesign of its meesprit, with a different beak color and different shades of white and blue. This reflects how shiny Pokemon appear in mainstream games, as many of them have subtle differences like this, as opposed to completely different repaints, as is the case with the shiny designs of Sprigatito and Fuecoco by itsmeesprit.

Many fans are interested in seeing the official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter sequins, but many others are more concerned about the evolution of the starter. Just as the brilliant starter versions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were kept secret, so were their evolution lines. It’s possible that future trailers will show what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters will turn into, but it’s also possible that fans will have to wait to play the games themselves to find out.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.