Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: confirmed new techniques for games


Very slowly, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are starting to ramp up the news release. With the latest trailer revealing the name of the Paldin region and the structure of the story, fans get a better idea of what they’ll find when the games come out in a few months. Game Freak seems to be delaying its marketing much more than usual for ninth-generation Pokemon games, but at least that means all the ads will be substantial. There are still many undisclosed Pokemon left, and the nature of two of the three-story paths remains a secret, so the pace of news should increase soon.

The 2022 Pokemon World Championship was recently held, and the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer was part of the closing ceremony. In addition to revealing the new Pokemon Cyclizar, which seems to be related to the legendary Koraidon and Miraidon boxes, the trailer focused on additions to the competitive gameplay. Three new held items were added to aid certain strategies, and the use of Terastallization was demonstrated. One of the most attractive additions are two new fighting techniques, both of which will add a lot of new opportunities for regular and competitive trainers.

Dropped tail

The first of the two newly introduced attacks is “Dropped Tail”, an ability closely related to Cyclizar. It summons a substitute doll and switches the user to another Pokemon at the expense of what appears to be half of the user’s current HP. This technique is named in connection with the tendency of real lizards to remove their tail to distract predators while they run away. Due to how closely it is related to one kind of Lizard Pokemon, it is unclear whether it will be used by other Pokemon or only Cyclizar and possibly legendary boxes.

This technique combines two previously existing techniques that were quite often used in a competitive game with Pokemon. The first is “Replacement”, a first generation step that deploys a temporary health pool used in place of the owner’s pool. Its use is always worth health, but if the opponent does not use strong techniques that bypass him, he is still useful because of the focus on quick kills in a competitive game. Shed Tail allows you to transfer it to an enabled ally, which, in fact, makes it a guaranteed safe switch in most scenarios. This inherits some of the traits of Baton Pass, a move introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver that switches Pokemon and transfers all of its buffs and some debuffs to an ally. Since the team can repeat this until the maximum number of buffs is reached, this move turned out to be so strong that he is forbidden to compete in battles with Pokemon. Despite the fact that there are several types of Baton Pass equivalents that cause damage, Shed Tail is the first one that works in Substitute, and it may turn out to be more valuable than its components.

Tera Explosion

Shed Tail provides tremendous survivability and strategic value, but when it comes to brute force, Tera Blast may be the best option. This is a Normal type of movement that can be studied with the help of TM, presumably any Pokemon. When used by a Terastallized Pokemon, it becomes the same type as the Tera-type Pokemon, which gives it an automatic increase in damage. If the Pokemon’s Tera-type matches one of its original types, the STAB bonus is also applied, which makes this technique even more powerful. To top it all off, Tera Blast selects the highest of the user’s attack or special attack stats, ensuring that this move will always be high damage.

Moves that can dynamically change type have been part of the Pokemon series since the days of Gold and Silver’s Hidden Power, although some players may not have realized this due to how cumbersome Hidden Power is. The Generation 3 weather ball, which changes type along with the weather, and the Generation 4 natural gift, which turns a held berry into a powerful attack, are the best examples. Most of the type-changing moves are characteristic moves used by legendary or rare Pokemon, an exclusivity that is partially shared with Tera Blast due to the fact that terastallized Pokemon apparently cannot change their Tera type. However, as in the case of Hidden Power, the opponent cannot determine the type of Pokemon Tera without seeing it. If its base strength and accuracy are stable, Tera Blast will be a great option in the era of 9th generation terastallization to deal damage instantly.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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