Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Confirm Gameplay Trick


The latest Pokemon Presents event revealed a lot of new information about the upcoming games of the main Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series. Among the revealed information were new Pokemon, new regional types, new characters and a new game trick that will be unique to the Paldea region. Fans predicted that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would use a game trick, as was the case in many previous games of the main series.

Gameplay tricks usually allow Pokémon to perform stronger movements or get a performance boost under certain circumstances. Previous game tricks have included Z-moves from Pokemon Sun and Moon and Dynamax and Gigantamax phenomena from Pokemon Sword and Shield. One game trick, Mega Evolution, which was introduced in Pokemon X and Y, began to appear in other games, including the Pokemon GO mobile app, as well as Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game trick is known as the “Terrestrial” phenomenon, which was discovered in the Paldea region. This allows Pokemon to take on a sparkling form in which they appear to be made of crystals and precious stones. According to the game’s newest trailer, all Pokemon appearing in the Paldea region will be able to take this special form, also known as the Tera form. Unlike the rare shiny Pokemon that have appeared in several games of the franchise, Tera Pokemon do not change color, but instead look faceted like gems and wear a unique sparkling headdress.

Pokemon with Terastallization will have improved characteristics and will be able to perform more powerful movements in battle. Some Pokemon will be able to change their type, a phenomenon known as “Tera Typing”. The trailer featured a flying-type Pikachu, a fire-type Drifblim, and several other Pokemon that could fight different types of Tera. The Tera-type of Pokemon is determined by the style of headgear they wear: Tera grass Pokemon have flowers blooming on their heads, and flying-type Tera Pokemon seem to hover on attached balloons.

Different Pokemon of the same species can fight different types of Tera, as shown in the trailer with a Terastallized Ivy of grass, fire and water type in addition to the standard normal type. Because of this, players are encouraged to search the Paldea region for Pokemon with rare Tera types to add them to their team. Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be open-world role-playing games, presumably players will have to explore the desert to find different Pokemon Tera as part of the plot of the Treasure Hunt game. In addition, teams of up to four players will be able to work together to fight and potentially capture super-powered terastallized Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.


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