Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Can Bridge the Gap with Pokemon Legends


After the latest Game Freak trailer showcasing more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans were thrilled with the assumptions and theories about what new games can cook for the Pokemon world and how they can leave their mark on its knowledge and legacy. The biggest and perhaps most important among these ideas is the belief that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are preparing to match narratives about the past and the future respectively, and with the ever—growing amount of evidence supporting this theory, even skeptics are finding it increasingly difficult to accept it. ignore it.

But there may actually be a more serious motive behind Game Freak’s decision to make its first entries in the ninth generation of its Pokemon games focused on both the past and the future. Thanks to the resounding success and appreciation of the fans of Game Freak’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the studio now has a chasm to bridge the gap between Pokemon’s newfound historical potential and its modern series, which is always moving forward. This is a gap that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could very cleverly fill if everything was done correctly.

Explanation of the past-future theory

Although this is completely unconfirmed at the moment, Pokemon fans have learned a lot of details that led to the fact that this theory took root and began to grow exponentially. For example, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first games with exclusive Pokemon professors, both of whom had a very peculiar choice of clothing from cybernetic body Touro to prehistoric clothing Gardens. In addition, their names seem to come from “futuro” and “pasada”, which in Spanish mean the future and the past respectively, complementing their clothes and games to which they belong.

In addition to this, Scarlet seems ready to focus on the past, while Violet will look to the future, as the legendary talismans of Corydon and Miraydon are also inspired by their namesakes: taken from Japanese, “korai” means ancient, while “mirai” means the future. With their own design of both Pokemon, Corydon seems more brutal and prehistoric, while Miraydon has been dubbed a jet dragon by fans. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Game Freak makes certain distinctions between each version of the game. At this point, why Game Freak actually sets these games as direct opposites more than other exclusive versions that have been seen before remains unclear, but fans seem to be unanimous that there is a theme of the past and future in Scarlet and Violet.

Connecting to Pokemon Legends: Arceus

One of the biggest challenges Game Freak has to face is how it incorporates Pokemon and some features from Legends: Arceus into new games in modern conditions. The most obvious problem is how Game Freak will re-introduce the “Hisei forms” of this new region and evolution into modern games, when in terms of knowledge these are Pokemon that have adapted and eventually disappeared from existence.

It was usually incredibly easy for Game Freak to include fleeting references to regional Pokemon forms in their games, even offering in-game deals with NPCs to obtain other regional forms or allowing players to transfer their own Pokemon between games. But historical versions of Pokemon present a problem of how these Pokemon either survived or were reborn after extinction, and although fans may have their own ideas about “time options”, players are still in the dark.

This is where Scarlet and Violet’s theory of the past and future comes into play, as her focus on the time and history or future of Pokemon can help lay the foundations for “Pokemon Legends” to become a more grounded and successful series moving forward. Together, game plots can incorporate elements from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, such as Laventon’s pokedex or various regional forms and evolutions, and treat them as if they were “rediscovered”, inviting the player to go out and do their own research. , develop your own pokedex and learn more untold Pokemon secrets. It may even go further and create more of a foundation for new Pokemon Legends entries, as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl hinted at Legends: Arceus, explaining the “future” half of the past-future theory, where new games can venture and explore.

Pros and cons for Scarlet, Violet and Legends

Although it’s nice to believe that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will become the most ambitious Game Freak in the Pokemon series, violating all kinds of traditions and norms, from professors to the open world, this does not mean that they will solve all the problems. challenges ahead. To begin with, Pokemon Legends is not a traditional mainstream Pokemon entry and is not the first to achieve commercial success, but it will be the first to be associated with a traditional series if the past-future theory works as described.