Pokemon Scarlet and Terastyle Violet Phenomenon can get stuck in Diansi Kolos


Modern Pokemon games have become known for their fighting tricks, as well as design work, which is included in each new region. Pokemon X and Y introduced Mega Evolution, Sun and Moon introduced Z-Moves, and Sword and Shield introduced Dynamaxing. During the Pokemon Presents presentation in August 2022, Game Freak revealed a trick that will characterize the main titles of the 9th generation Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: the phenomenon of Terrestrial.

In Paldea, the official name of the Scarlet and Violet region, powerful crystals allow Pokemon to Terastallize for a few select trainers. In typical Pokemon style, this means that the player character will have access to this mechanic, helping Professor Sada (in the Scarlet version) or Professor Touro (in the Purple version) in their research. During Pokemon Presents, much more information was revealed, for example, about Corydon and Miraydon acting as bicycle players, but it is especially interesting to consider the crystal Pokemon Terastic, based on the alleged links between Paldea and the region of Kalos X and Y.

The terastic phenomenon of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With the exception of Mega Evolution, which appeared in Kalos, Hoenn and Alola, every major fighting trick in the Pokemon series was inextricably linked to the region of its origin. The -Z rings required to use Z-Move could only be designed with stones offered by Tapu Alola, the guardian gods of each island, and the theoretically necessary energy came from Necrosma in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The power points that facilitate Dynamaxing in Galar were similarly formed by “Galar Particles” emitted by Eternatus, the legendary one whose true catastrophic form created the “Darkest Day” in ancient times.

According to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website, the Terastic phenomenon is similar to the exclusive Paldea and is the result of “Terastic energy” seeping out of the ground. Trainers who have access to Tera Orb can activate the Tera type inherent in “all Pokemon in Paldea”, which covers their bodies like a faceted gemstone and forms a Tera Jewel crown over their head. If a Pokemon’s Tera type matches one of its original types, it gives them a stronger attack bonus of the same type (STAB).

However, Pokemon can have a Tera-type matching any of the 18 available, resulting in “countless combinations” such as a special pre-order of Pikachu with a Flying Tera-type. Players are more likely to find unique combinations in Tera Raid battles that simplify Dynamax Raids Sword and Shield. Game Freak, in fact, created a system in which players can search for more than a dozen Gigantamax variants, but instead of receiving time-limited attack and health bonuses, Terastallized Pokemon constantly changes its type and STAB for the duration of the meeting (reminiscent of Mega Evolution).).

As already mentioned, the dual professors of the Paldea region are investigating this phenomenon. Naranja or Academy director Uva Clavell (again, depending on the version of Scarlet or Purple) is named a friend of the professors in the biography of his official website, which is probably the reason that the player – a student of the academy — participates in their research through an “independent study project”. Scarlet and Violet will have three comprehensive stories that players will be able to solve at their discretion, one of which is a more open Pokemon League challenge. The other will undoubtedly investigate the origin of the Terrestrial Pokemon, which is likely to be related to the as-yet-unnamed Legendary.

Paldea’s connection with Kalos

Although the source of the Terastic phenomenon is a secret that Game Freak will keep until the launch of Scarlet and Violet, longtime fans can start making comparisons with previous entries. The obvious place to start looking is the Calos region in France. Paldea is also based on Spain and the wider Iberian Peninsula, based on game architecture, Spanish-style Pokemon names such as Sprigatito, and the shape of its newly released regional map.

The regions that characterize the first four generations of Pokemon — Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Shinno — are based on different parts of real Japan. This explains some interrelated elements, such as the neighborhood of Kanto and Joto or the ruins of Sinjo, which link Joto and Sinno in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Kalos and Paldea may fit the same pattern, given the proximity of France and Spain, and the official map of Paldea, hiding most of the land behind a cloud cover in its northeastern corner, led many to assume that Kalos is just over the border. However, connections can also be made with the help of the mythical pokemon Kalos, dedicated to precious stones, Diansi.

Crystal Properties of Diansi and Terastic

Dayansi is a Stone/magic type Pokemon introduced after the launch of X and Y in 2013, and the only mythical Pokemon capable of mega-evolution.


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