Pokemon Scarlet and Fuego Violet May Have a Unique Evolutionary Trait


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released this November on the Nintendo Switch, but officially very little is known about the 9th generation games. Pokemon Company’s silence about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be a new marketing strategy aimed at making games a hot topic in the community, or it may be a consequence of the excessive amount of details about Pokemon Sun and Moon in 2016. However, there are several alleged leaks and rumors on the Internet about what Generation 9 is, and some of them are more reliable than others, and interestingly, many of them hint that Fuekoko is turning into a four-legged creature.

If Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Fuecoco really turn into a crocodile-like Pokemon that stands on four legs, it will be the very first starting evolution of the fire type that has this function. Usually fire-type starters either start as four-legged Pokemon and evolve to become bipedal, or they stay bipedal all the time. In fact, this applies to almost all existing Pokemon species, as becoming bipedal or being born with this characteristic is usually one of the traits that most determine evolution, as real animals tend to develop physical attributes that allow them to survive. easier.

The evolution of Fuekoko can be a very unique Pokemon

There are no four-legged Fire Starter Pokemon in the franchise, given that Quilava doesn’t really count because he is either depicted standing on two legs or on four, only to then evolve into a Typhlosion, a two-legged Pokemon. In addition, only five types of Pokemon see their bipedal form turn into a four—legged creature, and one of them is also not quite four-legged – Darmanitan. His main form, Darumaka, stands on two legs, but Darmanitan has legs and arms on which he ends up standing, as in real life, or even similar to how Infernape is rarely depicted. This applies to both the Unovan form in the 5th generation and the Galarian form in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is instead an ice-type creature.

Other species that are rumored to share Fuekoko traits are Meowt, evolving into Persian, Bagon into Shelgon and Salamens, Oshavott and Devott into Samurott, and Ursaring into Ursaluna. There are Pokemon that develop more limbs during evolution and eventually get on all fours when this happens, for example, a Roggenrola is a bipedal creature that then turns into a Gigalite, developing more legs. In general, this is a strange evolutionary trait, because usually species that develop or adapt to standing on two legs do not “return” to standing on all fours, which also happens in nature.

For example, the theory of evolution suggests that humans, having become bipedal creatures, allowed the larynx to descend, and the tongue became more mobile, which, in turn, gave humanity the ability to speak and produce more articulate sounds. Similarly, many Pokemon transform into bipedal creatures because they gain the ability to use their hands to wield items, fight more effectively, or possibly grab berries and other food in the wild. Thus, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Fuecoco line may be one of the very few Pokemon species with this evolutionary trait, which makes it even more unique.

It’s also worth mentioning that four-legged Pokemon tend to be less agile than their two-legged counterparts, and rumors about Fuekoko’s hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may become true if that’s the case. Usually this is reflected in games through a lower speed, but it is not yet known what will happen in the case of this cute fiery crocodile. However, it is interesting that Fuekoko breaks more patterns with his presence, since his inclusion has debunked a long-standing theory about fire igniters, and presumably this will also be the first fire type of its kind to stand on four legs.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.