Pokemon Scarlet and Brosius Violet demonstrate the unexpected value of Terastic


As the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet approaches, The Pokemon Company is telling more about the upcoming game, including several Pokemon that gamers will see. This includes three starter Pokemon — Quaxly, Sprigatito and Fuecoco — and newcomers like Fidough. Regional options are also returning, and players have already seen Paldin Whooper. There are still a lot of Pokemon to discover, and finding them all over Paldea will be a little easier thanks to the legendary Pokemon – Corydon and Miraydon, on which players will be able to ride.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also introduce a new phenomenon called Terastallization, which can greatly affect battles. In Paldea, players will discover the Terastic Pokemon, and they have an amazing ability to transform, changing their appearance, and sometimes even their Type. When used correctly, players should be able to give their opponents a few surprises, although they should also be on the lookout for rivals using Terrestrial Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet represent Terastallization

With each generation of Pokemon in the series, new tricks appear to keep the gameplay fresh and shake up the competitive scene. Many of the tricks of later generations involved Pokemon taking different forms that make them stronger. Fans have seen this in Pokemon X and Y, which introduced Mega Evolutions, and in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which has Dynamaxing. Trailers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have shown that one of the tricks for this generation will be Terastallization.

Terastalnye Pokemon are located in Paldea, the scene of Scarlet and Violet in the Spanish style. Pokemon that have undergone Terastallization take on a shiny crystalline form, and an ornate Tera gemstone appears on their head. To use Terastallization, players will need Tera Orb. It loses all its power after use, and players will have to recharge it by visiting the Pokemon center or touching crystals containing Terrestrial Energy.

However, terastallization includes not only cosmetic changes. Pokemon Terastic have a Tera Type, and there are 18 of them, as in the case of ordinary Types. When the Terrestrial Pokemon transforms, they activate their Tera Type, which may be different from their normal type. Fans have already seen a Flying-Type Pikachu Terastal and a Fire-Type Drifblim Terastal. Players can transform one Pokemon per battle, and Terastallization lasts throughout the battle. Although all the details related to the mysterious phenomenon of terastallization have not yet been revealed, enough has been shown to make it clear that it can radically change the course of battles.

Brassius and Sudovudo

As in previous Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet will have their own memorable characters. One of the characters that the players have already met is Brassius, a mysterious man with green hair and a thorny belt. He is the leader of the Artazon Gym and specializes in using grass-type Pokemon. A recent trailer showed that he will be a formidable opponent, and his team has Smoliv and Sudovudo.

At first glance, Sudovudo does not seem out of place in the team of the leader of the Grass-Type gym. However, Pokemon fans will probably realize that Sudovudo is strange because, despite its appearance, it is a stone-type Pokemon. The deceptive appearance of the Pokemon is hinted at by its name, which is a combination of the words “pseudo”, which means fake, and “tree”. It was introduced in the 2nd generation, and although it could fool gamers at first, most players probably already understood its ways.

Brassius proved that with the terastallization of Sudovudo, he can still be a cunning Pokemon. In a recent trailer, Brasseus was shown in battle, and he had a Sudovudo Terastal that transformed from a stone-type Pokemon to a grass-type Pokemon. This is a smart move for Brasseus when he is up against the starting water type Quaxly, as the stone type Pokemon are weak against the water type, but the grass types are very effective against the water type. After the transformation, Quaxly cannot compare with Sudowoodo, and he is quickly knocked out.


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