Pokémon releases two new games via Facebook Gaming!


The Pokémon Compagny has just signed an exclusive contract with Facebook. Two new games are coming to the social network soon.

Good news for Pokémon fans! The company has just decided to release two new games on Facebook Gaming!

Everyone seemed excited about the release of the Pokémon Go mobile game. This time, fans will have the pleasure of finding the little creatures. It will not be a question of downloading an app. No, both games are coming to your favorite social network! Facebook ! If some people tend to forget that the network also offers a place for entertainment, it comes back in force with a famous franchise.

The Pokémon Company has just signed an exclusive contract with Facebook. The 1st will therefore have the name of Tower Battle. The second Medallion Battle! Two very different games from what we could be used to. Indeed, the 1st proposes to stack Pikatchu, Stari and other Mew. The goal, go as high as possible and beat your enemy. But beware, the tower can also collapse, which would make you lose the game!

So, you can now try your luck on the first Pokémon game offered on Facebook. The whole world already has it. So challenge your friends to see who will be the best! And that’s not all ! You can also collect rare species. Something to please fans of the famous universe! And for even more fun, the second game is much more traditional.

Indeed, this is a Pokémon card game. Each of them then has a medallion with specific powers. Attack and defense points are also visible. However, the latter is not yet available on the social network in France and the company has not yet communicated a release date. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little…


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