Pokémon Presents: 25th anniversary announcements


We tell you at what time and how to watch the Pokémon Presents event on February 26 online, where we will see all the announcements of the 25th anniversary of the saga.
The moment has come. After a year 2020 without the main video games of the Pokémon saga, from The Pokémon Company they have summoned all fans of pocket monsters to a new edition of Pokémon Presents this Friday, February 26 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time. The chosen time is not accidental, because at that time it will already be February 27 in Japan; In other words, it will already be the 25th anniversary of the original Red and Green Game Boy editions. We tell you how to see the announcements of this celebration online.

How to watch the Pokémon Presents of February 26, 2021 online

After Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019, Nintendo) along with its two expansions, the Island of Armor and the Snows of the Crown and other titles such as Pokémon Café Mix, it is time to know the future of the saga, in general, by That is why the event is called Pokémon Presents and not Pokémon Direct, because unlike the latter name, generally focused on video games linked to Pokémon, Presents can encompass much more.

What we will see this afternoon is currently unknown. Not surprisingly, it is worth asking questions and betting. Betting on tangible things, such as the presentation of the already announced sequel to Detective Pikachu; that Pokémon Sleep we know nothing about; news about the expected New Pokémon Snap (launch in April for Nintendo Switch) or new main deliveries for the saga. We do not know if they will be the long-awaited remakes of Pokémon Pearl and Diamond, but in this article we explain their historical importance.

The Pokémon Presents of this February 26, 2021 can be followed live on YouTube on the official channel of PokémonOficialES. We will also broadcast it live on the MeriStation YouTube channel in Spanish.

What time is the Pokémon Presents around the world?

Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): at 4:00 p.m.
Spain (Canary Islands): at 3:00 p.m.
Argentina: at 12:00
Bolivia: at 11:00 o’clock
Brazil: at 12:00
Chile: at 12:00
Colombia: at 10:00 am
Costa Rica: at 09:00 hours
Cuba: at 10:00 am
Ecuador: at 10:00 am
El Salvador: at 09:00 hours
United States (Washington D.C.): at 10:00 a.m.
United States (PT): at 07:00
Guatemala: at 09:00 hours
Honduras: at 09:00 hours
Mexico: at 09:00 hours
Nicaragua: at 09:00 hours
Panama: at 10:00 am
Paraguay: at 12:00
Peru: at 10:00 am
Puerto Rico: at 11:00 am
Dominican Republic: at 11:00 am
Uruguay: at 12:00
Venezuela: at 11:00 am


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