Pokémon moves its headquarters to a building with Nintendo in Tokyo


The Japanese studio will now share a work location with studios like HAL Laboratory or Nintendo itself. First official details. Game Freak, an independent Japanese studio in charge of the main Pokémon series with The Pokémon Company, has formalized its transfer to a new work building based in the Kanda-Nishikicho district in Tokyo.

This movement, of an official nature since last February and interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, materializes this July, as confirmed by the developer itself in a statement.

This change of venue does not imply the acquisition of Game Freak by Nintendo, with whom it maintains a second party relationship —without a shareholding percentage of approximately 30% of Pokémon’s intellectual property—, but will facilitate support borrowed by Nintendo itself streamlines; the same in communication tasks. This building will be shared by Nintendo EPD Tokyo, Nintendo PTD Tokyo, HAL Laboratory and 1-Up Studio.

Game Freak and HAL remain independent

No details have been disclosed about a possible change in Game Freak’s working methodology as of now. Any assumptions about a larger financial or human endowment to work on the main Pokémon series from now on are, at the moment, mere speculation.

Who does expand staff is HAL Laboratory, another veteran also not acquired by Nintendo. Of 169 employees, the company responsible for series such as Kirby or Earthbound now has a total of 195 assets.

More details about the upcoming projects of both companies will be provided shortly. Game Freak published last year with Nintendo the editions of Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch. For its part, in 2018 we had Kirby: Star Allies by HAL plus BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! and Super Kirby Clash.

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