Pokémon: Man Steals $250,000 In Letters In US


Pokémon: A small video game store in the city of Forest Lake, in the US state of Minnesota, was robbed on the night of February 9. The assailant, who has not yet been identified, broke through a wall and stole a total of $250,000 worth of collectibles, including Pokémon TCG cards. The action was recorded by security cameras and posted on the establishment’s social media.

The store is called Punch-Out Gaming and, according to one of its owners, Jason Peterson, the robbery has a profound impact and the insurance does not cover all expenses, “I feel paralyzed, just watching someone walk in and take everything you’ve worked so hard for. to build over the years”.

The high value in cards refers to the increase in demand for collectibles, a movement that has been happening since 2020, when big youtubers around the world started to spend a lot of money on sealed packages. But they don’t always get along, as was the case with Logan Paul who paid $3.5 million in fake letters.

Peterson added that despite the great loss, many community residents and fans across the country have been very supportive of Punch-Out Gaming during this difficult time.