Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Request Guide 34 (Croagunks Curative Poison)


Pokémon Legends: Arceus has dozens of requests to complete, while players focus on completing their pokedex and rescuing Hisui’s enraged nobles. One such request is Request 34, or “Krogan’s Healing Poison”, which requires the player to complete several other tasks before he turns his attention to this request. In fact, Request 34 will require the player to suppress the enraged noble Hisuian Lilligant in advance. The player also had to register a Kroagank in his pokedex (fortunately, a much easier task compared to subjugating nobles).

After completing the preliminary tasks, the therapeutic poison of Kroagank can be picked up on request from Professor Laventon’s board in his laboratory. After reading the board, the player must go in search of Pessel, the captain of the medical corps, which is located on the same floor as Professor Laventon’s laboratory. As soon as the player talks to her, she will tell them that she needs a kroagunk so she can make medicine from its poison. To complete this quest, the player must visit the Crimson Swamps and catch a krogan.

Where to catch a krogan in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Players will be happy to know that unlike some other quests, there are no real requirements for the type of krogan they have to catch. Any old kroagunk will do, including a kroagunk that the player may have already caught before accepting the Request 34. However, if the players have not caught a krogank earlier during the passage, there is nothing to worry about — kroagank is very easy to find due to the fact that it is very common. they are everywhere in the Crimson Swamps.

Kroagank is most often found in the area of the Scarlet Swamp in the Crimson Swamps, and it is also quite easy to catch. To make it easier to catch, don’t forget to bring honey cakes, bean cakes or grain cakes, as Kroagank loves them. However, be careful — they are quite aggressive and will try to attack the player if the player allows himself to be noticed. Also, the Scarlet Quagmire doesn’t give the player much cover, so be ready to run or fight!

After catching Kroagank, return to the Hall of the Galaxy and talk to the Pessel again. As soon as the player gives her the requested Kroagunk, request 34 will be marked as completed. As a reward for completing his request, the Pessel will give the player three experience candies and three full healings. Completing Request 34 also allows the player to unlock Request 72: “Easy Pessel Assignment”.


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