Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to catch an Alpha Pokemon (simple method)


Will you be able to catch the alpha Pokemon? Preparing for Alpha Pokemon Catching Alpha Pokemon without a Fight The Best Crafting Items for Catching alpha Pokemon

While exploring the Pokemon Legend: Arceus’ Hisui region, trainers may notice wandering large Pokemon with glowing red eyes. They are called alpha Pokemon, and they are among the strongest Pokemon that can be caught in Hisui. Also, alpha Pokemon will have movement that is usually impossible to learn when leveling up unless they were an alpha.

At the beginning of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it can be extremely difficult to catch an alpha Pokemon. Most of the time will be spent sneaking around them or running away. As soon as the trainers defeat the noble Pokemon of the region they are in, alpha Pokemon will begin to appear more often in the wild. A well-known and common way to catch an alpha Pokemon is to fight it. However, since alpha Pokemon are so strong, it’s better to try to catch them without engaging them in battle.

Updated by Renri Song on August 23, 2022: For the first time in a Pokemon console game, players can catch Pokemon of different sizes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Players can check the growth of Pokemon by going to their summary, and sometimes Pokemon will be above or below the average height of their species. Statistically speaking, this doesn’t affect Pokemon, but alpha Pokemon will have at least three of their EVs at level 3 when captured. Alpha Pokemon are distinguished by their large size/weight and glowing red eyes. These Pokemon tend to be much more aggressive, and it takes longer to stun them with throwing objects. There are two different ways to catch an alpha Pokemon, but one of them is faster than the other. The following guide has been updated to include more information about Alpha Pokemon and recommended items to use when encountering alpha Pokemon.

Will you be able to catch the alpha Pokemon?

The first Alpha Pokemon players will see during Mission 5: Request from May. After reaching the area that will be Camp Heights, the players will fight with the Alpha Cricketer. If their star rank is high enough (Rank 2 or rank 3), they will be able to catch this alpha Pokemon. To begin with, weaken his HP to half before throwing a pokeball.

Upon first arriving in new regions, some alpha Pokemon will be too high-level to be caught. Players can check if an alpha Pokemon can be caught if they target it with ZL. If it is not caught, the Pokemon level will be red. That’s why it’s important to be consistent in research tasks.

Preparing for Alpha Pokemon

There are two sets of items that trainers will need to catch alpha Pokemon unnoticed:

Berries Heavy Balls, Bait

Upon reaching Star rank 1, trainers will receive a recipe from Cillin. This recipe is designed to create heavy balls that are good for catching larger/heavier Pokemon like Onix or Alpha Pokemon. To create a Heavy Ball, trainers will need one apricot and one black somersault.

Apricots can be grown on apricot trees, and black stones can be dug up by the player’s Pokemon by attacking stones/crystals. Deposits with Black Stones will not become available until the trainers defeat May and gain access to the rest of the Obsidian Fields.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is home to various types of berries. The most common berry is the Orange berry, which can be harvested from trees in the starting zone of Obsidian fields.

In addition, Berries can be bought at the store in the Village of Jubilee. The reason trainers will want to pick berries is because they make it easier to catch Pokemon. Berries and other types of bait, such as mushrooms or honey cakes, are used to distract the target Pokemon, making it easier to get the catch Back Strike.

Additionally, if trainers have enough completed research tasks for alpha Pokemon species, they can view each Pokemon’s preferred food. Most Pokemon prefer oran berries, but there are also those who like different types of food, and for alpha Pokemon it is best to use the bait that his kind prefers.

Another thing trainers might want is a Ride Pokemon Wyrdeer, which unlocks before the player is forced to confront the Noble Clivor. Wyrdeer is a form of fast transport in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and it can be called if wild Pokemon discover trainers. The presence of Wyrdeer for catching Alpha Pokemon is not necessary, but it is highly recommended.

Catch an Alpha Pokemon without a fight

To catch alpha Pokemon without fighting them, it is important to use stealth and hide in the grass. All alpha Pokemon are aggressive regardless of their species, and if they see someone approaching, they go on the offensive.

Here’s a breakdown of how to catch an alpha Pokemon:

Press B to crouch in the tall grass next to the alpha Pokemon.


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