Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Guide on Request 37 (The scent of nostalgic herbs)


It would make sense for players to make requests in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They will not only give rewards, but may also require players to catch an unusual Pokemon. While Pokedex entries do not require filling in, catching and meeting every last Pokemon in the Hisui region is necessary to complete all the main story missions.

After some progress in the history of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, more requests will be opened to the player. This includes Query 37: The scent of nostalgic herbs. The Pokemon to be caught is a grass—type Pokemon, Tangela. It may not be that rare or legendary, but it is still necessary for Pokedex, so players can get a reward for it.

Unblocking and executing a request 37

To unlock Request 37, players must do the following:

Calmed The Noble Clover Of The Obsidian Fields. Get Ride Ursaluna from Kalaba in the Crimson Swamps.

After these steps are completed, players must return to the Galaxy Hall and climb the stairs to the lower floor. There should be a villager (Rice) with a request icon above her head. If the players talk to her, she will mention an unusual Pokemon covered with vines. Familiar fans of the Pokemon series will know that she means Tangela, so the next step will be to find her. Fortunately, Tangela can be caught already in the Crimson Swamps, but if players want to wait, Tangela can also be caught in the Cobalt Coastal Lands.

Although Tangela’s habitat is listed as the Gapejou Swamp in the Crimson Swamps, players can also find Tangela in the location shown in the image above. In fact, there will be two Tangels in this territory. The fastest way to get to them is to head northwest from the Marsh camp. This means crossing the Scarlet Swamp or along it, where numerous poisonous-type Pokemon live.

Tangela in the Cobalt Coasts wanders through the rugged terrain that lies between Ginkgo Pier and Ipom Hill. They will walk on the grass, not on the sand, so it will not be difficult to find them. If the players look a little further than Tangela, they have a chance to find Evie as well.

Tangela is neither an aggressive nor timid Pokemon. However, it will bounce a few feet if players stand next to it for too long. Go around them, it’s easy to catch the ball with a kick in the back. For those who want to catch Tangela the old-fashioned way, it may be easier to catch her if she is affected by a status illness such as paralysis. Unlike some Pokemon, Tangela will spawn in any weather, regardless of the time of day.

Once Tangela is caught, players will be able to return to Risa in the Hall of the Galaxy. By showing it to Tangela to fulfill the request, players will receive five smoke bombs and two Exp. Candy S.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is already available on the Nintendo Switch.


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