Pokemon Legends Arceus, Analysis. The Brightness Of A New Dawn


Pokemon Legends Arceus: Game Freak offers one of the best Pokémon video games to date; an essential title for the fan that represents a decisive point in the saga. You have a handful of Poké Balls and a task ahead of you: collect them all. Get there where you can see the horizon. Twenty-five years of a pattern that has evolved and polished its formula, conquering several generations of fans in the process. Meanwhile, the series headed by Game Freak has continued to get to know itself with stages of greater or lesser success, with greater or lesser definition, but always maintaining guidelines that make up the idiosyncrasy of that name, Pokémon. This time it is different. A change was needed. This time you stop imagining what those open environments and those capture processes would be like in real time; this time you do it in first person. There’s a moment in Pokémon Arceus Legends when you internalize its new mechanics, see them reconcile with traditional turn-based battles, and…click, the pieces fit.

It is at that moment when you realize that a leap forward has been made, that the risky move has finally turned out well and that, despite certain aspects that we will now comment on, the result is nothing but a celebration, a reason for joy. that invites us to think of a time of reconciliation with its fans. And, above all, the guarantee that the Pocket Monsters are in good hands. They had shown us the tip of the iceberg: all those surprises, mechanics, unknown regional forms and mysteries, legends, in the first person, are worth experiencing. Pokémon Legends Arceus is a video game dedicated to serving as a determining framework in the saga; look both backwards and forwards. On the one hand, explain how it all started, the reason for many things. On the other hand, make it clear that innovation was just as necessary. The end result, again, is a must-see for practically everyone. We did not imagine this many exciting moments hidden in Hisui. Not wanting to stop playing. It is the biggest playable revolution since its original conception

We will leave aside the plot and the descriptions: we are going to talk about sensations. This is what the best Pokémon game of the last ten years has transmitted to us.