Pokemon Legends: Arceus – A Guide to Request 5 (What it takes to be Awesome)


What It Takes to Be Awesome Request a 5 Reward

When it comes to queries in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, they are usually easy to find. Players just need to open their card and they will see a small icon indicating where to request a request. However, in some cases, requests are not specifically marked as such, which makes them easy to skip. This is the case with Query 5 (Which is what it takes to be awesome).

However, it is worth fulfilling this request, as the reward is worth it. To find this query, players must find a boy named Sho in the village of Jubilee and talk to him. It is located across the river, south of the department store. Many requests are not unlocked until players progress through the story, so if players do not receive a request after talking to Sho, they should try to complete another mission, and after that it should be unlocked.

What It Takes to Be Awesome

Despite the fact that it is so easy to miss, this request is very simple, and it will take very little time for players to complete it. Sho wants to get his own Pokemon someday, but he needs Poke Balls to practice throwing. This is where the players appear, because Sho asks them for five pokeballs.

Considering how Pokemon Legends: Arceus encourages players to catch as many Pokemon as possible to fill numerous Pokedex entries, it is likely that players will already have five (or significantly more) Poke Balls in their inventory. If players don’t have enough Poke Balls, creating them is what is needed.

Fortunately, Sho only requires Poke Balls, and they are quite easy to make. All players need to create a Poke Ball is one Apricorn and one Tumblestone. Pokemon Legends: Arceus players will be able to find a lot of these materials in the field, especially near the village of Jubilee in the Obsidian Fields. Keep in mind that other pokeballs that players can get as they progress through Pokemon Legends: Arceus will not work. So don’t make heavy balls for this request, as that’s not what Sho wants.

Request 5 awards

After the players have created five pokeballs, if they haven’t had them yet, they can talk to Sho to fulfill the request and get three sand as a reward. Grit Dust is very useful because it can help improve various characteristics of an individual Pokemon. This can be especially useful if you feel that your Pokemon is taking too much damage and its defense or special defense may need strengthening. Or, if your Pokemon needs more HP, the dust of sand can help with that as well.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is already available for the Nintendo Switch.


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