Pokémon Legend: Arceus Is Highly Praised By The Japanese Press


Pokémon Legends: Arceus will only be released on January 28, but the Japanese press has already had access to the game and managed to release some impressions about this exclusive Nintendo Switch adventure in advance.

Contrary to the pessimism of a portion of the public, the first opinions were very positive, especially in the traditional magazine Famitsu, which celebrated the fact that this project was “totally different from the previous ones”.

Being able to ride Pokémon and wondering which Pokémon you’ll find in the open world is something that causes awe, and “the first thing that strikes you is how exciting it is to move through the vast open fields! It’s great to be able to fly through the skies and see small Pokémon from a distance”.

The high level of difficulty was also a pleasant surprise for the reviewers, who gave as an example a fight against the new creature Kleavor, which needs to be soothed with food. “It’s surprisingly difficult for a Pokémon adventure, but not so challenging as to be impossible.”

The website 4Gamer also pointed out that “the Pokémon that appear on the map change according to the time of the game, with Drifloon only appearing later. What caught our attention was the way it attacked whenever it saw us! Even without going into battle! , they charge the player mercilessly. It seems to be a sign of what life was like before humans and little monsters were friends.”

Still on that theme, the site concludes that Legends Arceus “shows a world inhabited by Pokémon in a more realistic way, and you can even think of ways to capture the animals without going into battle. Or throw a Poké Ball and get into action naturally. .”

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