Pokemon League shares its opinion on the evolution of Scarlet and Violet Species


Yesterday’s Pokemon Presents came out with the third trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as a longer trailer that served as a commentary on the various features and creatures introduced in Gen 9. One of the most interesting aspects of the games is the fact that Koraidon and Miraydon will have alternative forms to explore the Paldea region through the seas, sky, earth and mountains, a system that fans will recognize from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The trailer showed a new regional variant in the form of Paldin Whooper, the first hybrid of Earth and Poison since the time of the 1st generation Nidoran family, a creature that is likely to retain this combination of types during its development.

Another new Pokemon featured in the third trailer is Scarlet’s Pokemon and Violet’s Cetitan, a creature probably inspired by ancient whales that used to have legs and arms. This creature is one of the Pokemon used by an ice-type gym supervisor named Pear in the 9th generation, who appeared in the trailer along with other main characters such as Arwen, Penny, Jacques and Clavell. The remaining new Pokemon introduced yesterday is a cute fairy—tale type puppy named Fido.

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A well-known leader named Riddler Khu a few weeks ago published a hint about Fidough and its evolution, which consisted of an image of a dog made from sliced bread. Although Fidough is made from some kind of dough mixture, as follows from the combination of the dog’s name “Fido” and “dough”, it resembles doughnuts and bagels more than the bread itself. In his recent tweets about Scarlet’s Pokemon and Violet’s new puppy, Pokemon, Hu states that the evolution of Fidou will become “more delicious,” which probably means that the food on which it is based will become popular.

Hu mentions that Fido’s evolution is fried, which could mean that the Pokemon fairy will add fire to its existing type, becoming the first fire-fairy hybrid in the series. At this stage, this is an assumption, but the pokemon from the dough has a chance to become a pizza-like creature or something like a spicy bun. In any case, Fido’s knowledge entry on the official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website mentions that the pocket monster tends to inflate when it needs to intimidate its opponents, which is a characteristic that could lead to a larger breed of dog for its evolution.

Pokemon company seems ready to make more iconic creatures with the 9th generation, and maybe other creative Pokemon designs will appear over time. At the moment, one of the rumors about the evolution between generations seems to be related to the Danspars, a 2nd generation creature that many thought would turn into a more interesting creature. Recently, a Pokemon fan used an artificial intelligence image generator to evolve a Danspars, giving it an unexpectedly disturbing look.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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