Pokemon is too dangerous for any trainer


All Pokemon creatures have different temperaments and behaviors, from cute and friendly to mean and vicious, which means that some of them must be too dangerous even for experienced trainers. Pokedex can shed light on how each individual Pokemon behaves, which shows how harmless or harmful they really are. Some Pokemon are actually much more dangerous than others, and trainers in the world will probably want to not have them on their teams.

There are many Pokemon with good intentions in the Pokemon universe. Kresselia dispels people’s nightmares and gives them sweet dreams, Happini likes to play houses with children, and Pidove is very friendly to people. Many Pokemon like to be with their trainers, and they will give their all in the battle to strengthen their ties.

However, some Pokemon are actually extremely dangerous either because of their strength or because of their viciousness. These creatures would have no trouble killing their trainer if they could, or at least severely injuring him. Because of the viciousness or strength of some Pokemon, trainers definitely shouldn’t have them on their team.

Hattrem and Hatteren from Pokemon are actually very cruel

Hattrem and Hatteren were released in Pokemon Generation 8 with a Pokemon Sword and Shield. These psychic-type Pokemon are quite cute as they are large hats that are iconic to witches and have a color scheme similar to cotton candy that is carefree and accessible. However, the temperament of these Pokemon does not match their cute and beautiful appearance.

Hattrem’s Sword Pokédex entry reads: “No matter who you are, if you cause strong emotions next to this Pokemon, it will brutally silence you.” The “no matter who you are” part certainly hints that Hattrem will attack those he cares about, even his coach. And the Hatterene Shield Pokédex entry reads: “If you are too loud around him, you risk being torn apart by the claws on his tentacle. This Pokemon is also known as the Forest Witch.” Both of these recordings show that Hattrem and Hatteren cannot be near anything that invades their inner world, including strong emotions and loud noises. And since fighting Pokemon is a real challenge and it can be loud and full of emotions, Pokemon trainers should avoid including these creatures in their teams.

Pokémon’s Bewear Shows His Trainer Too Much Love

Introduced in Generation 7 with Pokémon Sun and Moon, Bewear became popular due to its somewhat ridiculous appearance and cute design, as well as charming Stufful before evolution. Both Stufful and Bewear like to show affection to their trainers, but Bewear apparently takes hugging too seriously. Bewear’s Moon Pokédex entry reads: “This Pokemon has a habit of hugging its mates. Many coaches have left this world after his embrace crushed their spines.” “Left this World” is just a somewhat childish Gamefreak way of saying that Bevear hugs his coaches so tightly that their spines break and they die as a result.

Bewear’s Pokémon Sword Pokédex entry reads: “As soon as he accepts you as a friend, he tries to show his affection with hugs. Letting him do this is dangerous— he can easily break your bones.” So while coaches may reject Bevear’s attempts to hug, it would be better for them to consider not having Bevear on their team at all, otherwise they will always be at risk of meeting their death by crushing their bones.

No trainer should be near a Pokemon Mimic

Mimikyu very quickly became a favorite among the Pokemon community when it was first shown. He looks like a shy creature who just craves attention, and therefore disguises himself as the most popular Pokemon of the franchise: Pikachu. However, the creature in disguise is a real Pokemon, and the games contain numerous warnings that no one should ever witness the true identity of the Pokemon Mimic.

The Mimikyu Ultra Sun Pokédex entry says: “Although it is a quiet, lonely Pokemon, if you try to see what it has under the rag, it will become agitated and violently resist.” Mimic doesn’t want people to know what he looks like, and there’s a very, very good reason for that. The real form of Mimicry is so terrible that one look at it can kill someone. As proof , the Ultra Moon Pokédex Mimicry entry states: “A gust of wind showed what was hiding under the rag of this Pokemon to a passing Coach who returned home and died painfully that night.” Thus, although Mimikyu himself has no real intentions of harming anyone, even if his form is somehow accidentally revealed, whoever sees him will soon die a painful death. Therefore, Pokemon trainers are better off avoiding this.