Pokemon: Imagine what the missing Eeveelutions might look Like


Over the past 26 years, Pokemon has evolved into an extensive franchise full of the most curious creatures. From the universal Rotome to the ever-iconic Pikachu, it would be hard to find at least one creature in the series that doesn’t have a fan somewhere. However, very few Pocket Monsters have evolved into the main product of the franchise, and one of the most famous and unique should definitely be Eevee and its numerous evolutions, but there are still quite a few inaccessible types into which it cannot evolve.

Currently, Ivi can evolve into Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Ambreon, Espeon, Lifeon, Glaseon and Sylveon. This gives Pokemon a whopping eight different “Eeveelutions,” as fans have come to call them over the years. While many fans like the current forms that Evie can take, many of them are also thinking of ten types that have yet to be considered as the evolution of a cute fox-like creature. These possible options for Evie have a huge potential that the series can use in the future.

Imagining that Pokemon Eeveelutions is missing

When it comes to thinking about where evolving Pokemon might go in the future, there are several sets of unspoken rules regarding creatures. While Game Freak can easily break these rules at any moment, it’s easier for Eevee to imagine future evolutions if you stick to just one type, and also follow the idea of representing a certain thing “through an entire epoch”, and that’s where naming conventions for Pokemon come in.

Eevee-Type Eevee — The general idea for Bug-Type Eeveelution is usually butterfly wings on the back, but there is room for other options. There may be an evolution with a beetle-like shell, or perhaps a fluffy moth based on Eeveelution. Game Freak could easily call this version “Anteneon” from antenna or “Larveon” from larva.

Eevee Ghost-Type — It can be quite easy for Game Freak to create a more stereotypical ghost Pokemon for this Eeveelution. The shape can be translucent or transparent to some extent. To follow the stereotype, the shape may have chains attached to its paws as it hovers in the air. “Spekteon” or “Souleon” can also be good names for the shape that Pokemon fans definitely want Evie to turn into.

Evie is a flying type. Similar to a beetle-type Ivy, many fans usually imagine this form as an Ivy with wings on its back. However, Evolution Pokemon have the potential to take on a cloud-like shape, possibly with cloud-shaped ears in the shape of wings. This would make the shape quite fluffy, which is sure to win the hearts of many fans. “Cloudeon” may seem like a simplistic name, but a pun on “cloudy” makes it a good choice. The flying-type Eeveelution has a lot of potential, for example, a concept based on a griffin drawn by a Pikachu detective artist.

Eevee ground type. When it comes to the “after aeon” naming convention with most Eeveelutions, it makes sense for a ground type to choose something that changes when it is underground for a certain period of time. There is potential for an Ivy based on sandstone with dark brown paws that can be simplistic in design, and “Sandeon” is a good easy name to match.

Dragon-type Ivy. The evolution of the dragon—type Ivy is another form in which there are many potential ideas that can be embodied in it. However, Pokemon is a series in which the locations indicated in its titles are based on certain areas of the real world. In particular, Scarlet and Violet have an interesting chance to present a dragon-type Ivilution based on the legend of San Jorge. The whole shape really has to be associated with the legend to make sure that a rose or a rose-shaped mark can be found on his chest or the top of his head. “Draconeon” could also be a good potential name.

Ivi steel type. Despite the fact that the idea of creating a steel-type Ivilution seems complicated, one of the approaches that Game Freak can use is to make a creature either dressed in armor or a living armor. Similar to the Dragon-Type Ivilution, it can be linked to the themes of the region from which it is created by studying the armor of a particular place. As for the names, it can be called “Knighteon” or “Armoreon”.

Combat—type Ivy – This particular form can very easily mark the first form of an Ivy that can stand on its hind legs. However, due to the fact that many Pokemon fans do not like the trend of turning four-legged creatures into bipeds, this may be a bad choice if implemented. Thanks to the more sporty fighting style of this Eeveelution, he may have bandages covering his paws or sloppy fur denoting combat damage. It could potentially evolve like Galarian Farfetch’d and possibly be called “Tougheon” or something similar.

Ivy is a poisonous type. Venomous types in Pokemon tend to circumvent the fine line, as this concept can lead to the appearance of some rude creatures, such as Mook.