Pokemon image shows Gengar’s evolution from Sprites to 3D models


A Pokemon fan has collected all Gengar’s in-game sprites to compare them. As the Game Freak series progresses, the sprites of various pocket monsters become more detailed, which allows players to better see their features. As Pokemon sprites continue to evolve, so does the way we see creatures.

Gengar was the original ghost type in Pokemon Red and Blue and was the latest evolution of the Gastli. The Pocket Monster was also a Poisonous type, and it could be obtained by exchanging a Ghost. Gengar is one of the few Pokemon that has received both a Mega-evolution and a Gigantmax form, and has appeared several times in anime and KKI. One player collected all the Gengar sprites from different generations of the series, giving players an idea of how the creature’s appearance has changed over the years.

A redditor known as CosmicCoronet has put together all the Gengar sprites, demonstrating the evolution of Pokemon since 1996. The appearance of the pocket monster was fuzzy in the first generation, which changed in the second generation. As the franchise progressed, the creature’s shape became smoother, and the spikes on its back would decrease. The color of Pokemon will also change: from dark purple in generation 2 to a lighter shade in recent generations. The image shared by CosmicCoronet helped show how much the pocket monster has changed over the years and how much thinner the sprite work has become over time.

Comparison of Gengar’s sprite/character models so far, which ones are your favorites? from PokemonScarletViolet

Many Reddit users seem to agree that the Generation 2 sprite for Pokemon Gengar is the best, and many agree that the illustrations for that Pokemon era are the best overall. The commenter mentioned that they liked the colors of the more modern Gengar character models, but they were too smooth. One player joked that the pocket monster looked like it would stab people at first, but has since turned into a regular robbery.

Some gamers like the pixel sprites that Nintendo creatures had in older generations, which encourages them to remake new Pokemon in a classic gold and silver art style. A Reddit user under the nickname The_Internet_Goblin took some new creatures from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and gave them a retro style. The sprites were well done, giving the impression that the creatures were originally supposed to be drawn in this style, and not in the 3D form that they have now. As the Pokemon franchise continues to grow and evolve, gamers are showing a sense of nostalgia for the older generations they grew up with.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18.


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