Pokemon Hypes Anime Trailer Ash vs Cynthia Battle


Pokemon has brilliantly linked anime and Pokemon games together since the franchise was created, and it’s no different from Pokemon Journeys and Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. In connection with the release of the latest season of the anime “Pokemon”, a dynamic trailer tells about the upcoming battle of Ash against Cynthia.

The trailer for Ash’s battle against Cynthia has excited many fans of the Pokemon anime, despite the fact that it has not been translated into English from Japanese. Since Pokemon Journeys is based in the Galar region of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Ash and Cynthia compete in front of Leon, the champion of the region, in one of the huge battle stadiums. Cynthia is the champion of the Shinno region, and she has yet to compete with Ash, despite having appeared in the anime before, making it one of the most anticipated Pokemon battles in Pokemon Journeys.

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The Pokemon anime trailer, advertising Ash against Cynthia, begins with the latter going through one of the tunnels of the Pokemon stadium of the Galar region, and Ash goes through the opposite one. Cynthia’s Spiritomb is the first to compete with Ash’s Pokemon squad, as the protagonist challenges him with his powerful Dragonite, who is quickly defeated with what looks like a combination of Hypnosis and a Dream Eater. This causes Ash to summon his own ghost-type Pokemon when Gengar jumps onto the battlefield, but he seems to be knocked out as easily as he collapses in a heap while Ash watches on dumbfounded.

Cynthia teases the withdrawal from Pokemon competitions, regardless of whether she wins the competition with Ash or not, and her story of watching Ash fight with others can be reflected in her strategy when Roserad hits Ash’s Drakovish with a powerful and accurate attack. In the trailer, it is shown that Garchomp and Lucario have their own destructive attacks, while Pikachu effortlessly throws off Togekiss, and Cynthia’s Milotic shoots a powerful beam at Galarian Farfetch’da Ash during a hype-inducing montage in the trailer. Given that some of Ash’s knockouts against Cynthia are highlighted in the trailer, many fans are speculating about what wasn’t shown.

Since the Japanese trailer was released, many Pokemon fans have expressed their enthusiasm that the battle between Cynthia and Ash has finally taken place, and some have noted their favorite Pokemon in her team. Given that the Pokemon Journeys episode hasn’t been released yet, it’s currently unclear which of the two Pokemon trainer champions will come out on top. Due to how many Pokemon Cynthia has already defeated in her Pokemon Journeys battle with Ash just in the trailer, some Pokemon Journeys fans expect her to win the confrontation.


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