Pokémon has the opening of the animation remade only with free videos


Pokémon: There is no doubt that Pokémon marked the lives of several people, and many certainly must remember, with a certain nostalgia, the first opening of the drawing. British comedian Matthew Highton must surely be one of these, and proof of that is the job of recreating that moment of animation using only excerpts from free videos that are on the network.

Of course, don’t expect to find a Pikachu or even a Lapras in the comedian’s project, but the search work done by him, when compared to the original, even brings a certain similarity – after all, several elements, like Poké Balls, had to be exchanged for items found in the real world.

Check out the result below:

So, did you like the montage made by Highton? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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