Pokemon Go will not work on older phones


For those who play Pokemon Go with a smartphone or tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 10 or 11, the bad news has come from Niantic. The company announced that with the update to be released in mid-October, Pokemon Go will become unplayable on devices with the operating system versions in question.

According to the information given on Pokemon Go’s Twitter account, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, which can be installed with iOS 12, will be out of support as of October. In the statement sent by Niantic to The Verge site, it was stated that both phones have only 1 GB of RAM and it is not desired to stop the development for more powerful devices due to these two devices.

Indeed, it has to be said that the performance of Pokemon Go on devices that Niantic is preparing to exclude from support is not that great. Although the graphic density of Pokemon Go is not much; the game actively uses the phone’s camera and GPS. Considering the presence of 3D visuals, the effect of the game on battery consumption increases significantly.

According to the information provided by Niantic, this change will affect a very small part of the active user base of the game.

Pokemon Go maintains its popularity despite the years that have passed. Niantic announced a while ago that 2019 was the most paid year for the game. According to the data of Sensor Tower, the interest of the game did not decrease during the quarantine period due to the global coronavirus outbreak. In fact, revenues increased by about 38 percent compared to the previous quarter, and quarterly revenue exceeded $ 254 million. During this period, Niantic made changes to make the game easier to play at home.

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