Pokémon GO Will Have Music-Themed GO Fest in 2021


Pokémon GO: As many have already imagined, Pokémon GO will have a new edition of the traditional Pokémon GO Fest event this year, and taking a momentum in the 25th anniversary celebrations of the franchise, the choice for this year was the musical theme.

This year’s event is scheduled to take place on July 17th and 18th, and so that more people can participate in the exclusive events, the producer has lowered the price of tickets, which used to cost US$14.99 and this year will be only US$5 (with the current dollar exchange rate, approximately R$30). In addition to the price, a schedule of activities was also released, which will take place from 10 am to 6 pm local time.

On the first day of the event, players will have access to special habitats every hour for 60 minutes (the four chosen were Jungle, Mountain Desert, Ocean Beach and Cave), as well as themed raids and greater appearance of creatures related to music (like Chimecho, Audino and even a costumed Pikachu). Ticket holders will have some extras, including special missions with bonuses.

For the 18th, the focus will be on Raids with some special Pokemons that will be released later. In addition, the creatures seen most frequently on Saturday also appear the same on Sunday, and on both days you’ll be offered half distance to hatch eggs, special creatures in 7KM themed eggs, and celebration-exclusive field surveys.


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