Pokémon GO will convert 1000 local businesses


Niantic announces a new contest to help financially companies that have been affected by the impact of COVID-19.

Niantic has revealed the results of the Local Buseiness Recovery initiative in Pokémon GO. In order to help those small and medium-sized local businesses to defray the economic difficulties derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the North American team will convert a total of 1,000 businesses into Poképaradas and Gyms soon, so that those locations will have the sponsorship of the game and, inevitably, they will attract people to their establishments.

After more than 38,000 nominees, we already know the winners

“This year, many local businesses have had unprecedented levels of difficulty due to everything that the global pandemic has caused. To help revitalize local communities, we have made the decision to leverage our gaming platform with the goal of adding 1,000 small businesses globally as sponsored venues for next year, free of charge, ”they comment in the statement.

Thus, after the Niantic Local Business Recovery Initiative this summer, with a multitude of establishments in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and the United States and more than 38,000 registered requests with the sole condition that the business did not belong to any large corporation and comply with health and safety regulations, the results have now come to light.

In total, those 1,000 stores that have been victorious are the stores of the chains Five Girls Baking, Blitzkrieg Chop, Chop Chop Shop MX and F.M. Light & Sons.

The winning merchants will be able to carry out promotional campaigns with those players who use Pokémon GO and are within range; preferably, customers or people who are consuming any of the services of the premises. In cafeterias, for example, the range of the PokéStop or Gym will be enabled so that it is easily linked to the location of the establishment and, therefore, of the customer.

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