Pokémon GO: Vulpix Raid Guide (Best Counters and Weaknesses)

In Pokémon GO, players can find Vulpix in one-star raids. Accordingly, players should be able to defeat this raid boss on their own if they bring Pokemon with the right moves. Vulpix is a fiery type that evolved into Ninetales. Because of the Vulpix type, it is weak against land, water and stone Pokemon and is effective against insects, steel, ice and grass Pokemon. Visually, Vulpix resembles a small reddish fox with a large fluffy tail, while Naintales are cream-colored and larger than Vulpix.
Before players can take part in a raid, they will need to find a raid pass. Players can find these passes by rotating the poke-stops or by purchasing a Pokémon GO Raid Pass in the in-game store. Fortunately, players can participate in as many raids as they have passes for, so they have several chances to catch Vulpix and collect as many as they wish. Players may want to take part in several raids to increase their chances of finding a shiny Vulpix of a pale yellow shade. Players can also use Pinap Berry while catching Vulpix to double the amount of candy they receive so they can collect the 50 candies needed to transform Vulpix into Ninetales. It should be noted that Pokemon caught in this way can be exchanged between friends.
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Earth, water and stone Pokemon are very effective against Vulpix. Easier to get counters that are still super efficient include Feraliligatr, Swampert and water-type Clavitzer with water-type techniques such as water cannon, hydro cannon and Krabhammer. In addition, the Landorus in Pokémon GO is an excellent ground–type counterattack with techniques such as “Mud Shot”, “Earthquake” and “Earth Force”. In addition, players can use Ground-type Pokemon that are easier to find, such as Excadrill or Garchomp, with techniques such as Mud Slap, Earthquake and Mud Shot. Finally, players can also choose stone-type Pokemon such as Lycanroc, Tyrantrum or Golem, with techniques such as Rock Throw and Stone Edge.
Weaknesses of Vulpix Raid in Pokémon GO
Players should not use techniques such as Beetles, Steel, Ice and Grass in the raid, because Vulpix will resist these techniques. This includes popular grass-type Pokemon like Roserade, Venusaur and Leafeon with moves like Razor Leaf, Vine Whip and Solar Beam. Bug type movements to avoid include Struggle Bug and X-Scissor, which are common to Pokemon such as Scizor and Heracross. In addition, players should not include Steel-type Pokemon in their group, such as Metagross or Crocodile, equipped with techniques such as Flash Cannon, Steel Wing and Metal Claw. In addition, players should avoid ice-type moves in Pokémon GO, such as Ice Shard, Powder Snow and Avalanche for Pokemon such as Glaceon, Glalie and Beartic.
After the raid is defeated, the player will still have to successfully catch Vulpix. Unfortunately, players only get a limited number of catch balls. In addition, players can use berries to further increase their chances of successfully catching Pokemon, such as Razz Berry or Golden Razz Berry. For example, Razz Berry increases the player’s chances by 1.5, and the rarer Golden Razz Berry increases their chances of a successful catch by 2.5. Golden Razz Berries can be obtained as a reward for completing raids or completing some research tasks in Pokémon GO.