Pokémon GO updates the Mega Evolution


After requests from the community, Niantic confirms that from now on the Mega Companion will also be able to get the item to megaevolve.

Niantic has announced that, from now on, Pokémon with Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO will be able to get Mega Energy when walking if they are our Companions. It was a request since this original Generation VI powered form was introduced to the game, so no more waiting. Of course, there are nuances.

Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO: +5 Mega Energy for each kilometer walked

In order for our Companion to gain Mega Energy when walking, it is necessary that he is already mega evolved, that is, that he is a Companion with Mega Evolution unlocked. In addition, if when he is mega evolved he is also a Companion (Mega Companion), we will get additional Candy. Also, we will get Candy when we capture a raid boss regardless of type. The last change added with the recent update of the game is that from now on we will see in the friends list which Trainers and Trainers have a mega-evolved Pokemon.

  • Cost to unlock a Pokémon’s Mega Evolution: 200 ME or 100 ME, depending on the species.
  • Activate Mega Evolution on a previously Mega Evolved Pokémon: 40 ME or 20 ME, depending on the species.
  • Maximum Mega Energy Capacity: 2,000
  • Duration of activated Mega Evolution: 8 hours.
  • Mega Energy gained from walking with a Pokémon Buddy: 5 for every km walked (15 for every 3 km)
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