Pokemon GO Unveils Pokemon Community Day in July 2022


Pokemon GO Community Day is a time—tested tradition in the game when Niantic highlights a specific Pokemon, increases the probability of getting sparkles and gives the evolution of the Pokemon shown a special, sometimes meta-defining move. In the past days of the Pokemon GO community, newcomers, pseudo-legends and other Pokemon fans loved were introduced.

It is confirmed that the next Pokemon GO Community Day will take place on Sunday, July 17, from 11:00 to 14:00 local time. The recommended Pokemon for the new community day is Starly.

The speed of Starley’s appearance and brilliance will be increased throughout the event. If players can catch enough Starlies to eventually turn them into a Staraptor, they will open a Rush of fast attack. This move will be available if players receive a Staraptor during the event or within five hours after it. There will also be a special Pokemon GO study, which players can access for $1.

Other bonuses include the following:

3x Catch XP 2x chance to get Starly Candy XL 2x candies for catching Pokemon Lure modules are enough for three hours incense is enough for three hours Pictures of the Community Day are presented with a surprise During the event you can make an additional special deal

In addition, groups of Pokemon GO players who catch Pokemon using a single Lure module will increase up to 4x the bonus experience for thirty minutes during this. The time period for the event is finally coming to an end, but there will be another bonus until the end of the day. Staravia will appear in Pokemon GO’s four—star raids — they, however, cannot be accessed through remote raid passageways – and defeating him will increase the speed of Starly’s appearance within a radius of 300 meters by 30 minutes.

In addition to the upcoming Community Day, Pokemon GO has announced that it will add more Sun and Moon Ultra-Treasures at upcoming GO Fest events. Three more will be added, corresponding to three real events. Ultra Beast Pheromosa will be in Berlin for the July 1 event, Buzzwole will be at the Seattle event on July 22, and Xurkitree will be in Sapporo for the August 5 event.

It will be interesting to see what else Pokemon GO adds in the coming weeks and months, but the mobile game benefits from the popularity of the franchise. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released in November, and it goes without saying that their popularity can also further boost Pokemon GO. However, it will be good for the entire franchise.

Pokemon GO is now available on mobile devices.