Pokémon GO unlocks Mega Houndoom in Mega Raids


The Pokémon GO community manages to overcome 275 million battles, so this improved evolution of Houndoom will be available in the game.

Niantic has confirmed that Mega Houndoom is officially unlocked in Pokémon GO. The Mega Battles challenge has been a resounding success, and with the required 275 million battles completed, this mega-evolved form of Johto’s Pokémon will be seen in Mega Raids soon. Let’s know the details.

So, starting this Tuesday, September 29 at 22:00 (CEST) and for at least a week, the Mega Raids will feature this second generation creature in its mega-evolved form, a species based on a Doberman bug and aspect of demon we met in the Pokémon Gold and Silver editions. Until now, its presence on the competitive scene was rather remote, but this Mega Evolution can give it an interesting boost.

Stat-wise, it’s a creature with 240 ATK, 165 DEF, and 15,000 stamina with a range of 2106 to 2195 in CP heading into the match. Some of the best opponents for Mega Houndoom, which maintains the sinister type and the fire type, are Mega Blastoise, Dark Swampert, Dark Tyranitar, Dark Machamp, Kyogre, and Rhyperior. Soon we will offer you a complete guide to defeat Mega Houndoom, one of the next creatures that will have the most to talk about in the game’s raids.

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