Pokémon GO: the Master Ball League begins


Niantic details the start date of the Master Ball League and Premier Cup in Pokémon GO. The third league of Season 3 is about to begin.

Niantic outlines the latest details for the upcoming Pokémon GO League and Cup. The Master Ball League and its Premier Cup will take place from Monday, August 24 at 22:00 CEST until Monday, September 7 at 22:00 CEST. Unlike the previous ones, this cup will not have a PC limit.

Characteristics of the Master Ball League and Premier Cup

Recall that Season 3 of Pokémon GO brought a series of characteristics that every trainer must take into account. To participate in the GO Fighting League it will not be necessary to travel a mandatory distance. On the other hand, the friendship level required for ranged combat will still be good friendship. By scanning the QR code of another coach you will be able to face him through the network. You won’t have to worry about being competitive – the requirements to rank up will still call for the same matches, wins, and rankings.

Once they conclude on September 7, Pokémon GO will receive a mix of the three leagues: Super Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Along with them another Premier Cup will be set up. These competitions will last until Monday, September 14 at 22:00 CEST, when Season 4 begins.

Protagonists of the Community Day events

What we do know is the result of the vote to know the protagonists of the next Community Days. Porygon won the overall victory with 55.3% of the votes. Charmander would achieve the second position thanks to 36.6%. If we evolve them during the event, we will have the opportunity to get them to learn specific types of movements. In the case of the fire-type Pokémon, after turning it into a Charmaleon, we can choose a Charizard with the Dragonbreath attack. On the other hand, Porygon’s final transformation, called Porygon-Z, will learn Triack.

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