Pokemon GO — The best Zapdos counters (July 2022)


The Pokemon GO event calendar for July 2022 is full of exciting opportunities for fans of Niantic’s mobile augmented reality, and every week brings new experiences. In addition to the rotation events that follow the exciting events of GO Fest 2022 last month, there are also frequent rotations of legendary and mega-combat raids so that fans of the PvE scene are involved and burn through these combat raid passes.

Now, when the second week of July is underway, Articuno is leaving the place of a legendary-level combat raid and giving way to the next return of the 1st generation. Starting July 7, Zapdos returns to Pokemon GO Battle Raids, and trainers will have another chance to fight the mighty legendary bird and roll the dice in an attempt to earn these rare brilliant encounters.

Zapdos is a dual—type Pokemon, which leads to interesting counter-strategies for players. The double connection of electric and flying types means that Zapdos has two weaknesses: stone and ice types. Trainers can take advantage of these weaknesses by engaging some meta-significant and powerful Pokemon in battle. Veteran players who have been involved in raids for many years will probably have a pretty strong squad ready to queue up for battle this week.

Players who have not prepared these counteraction options and are not ready for action can still succeed by entering a combat raid with a sufficient number of allies and sticking to their strengths. Putting up a list full of the best available stone and ice types, and spending a small amount of stardust, TM and candy should be enough to prepare players for the battle and leave with a victory. Players, of course, do not want to waste combat raid passes on unsuccessful attempts, so be sure to be ready, stock up with a group when the time comes to enter the lobby and challenge this legendary boss.

That’s pretty much all the trainers need to know to prepare for the big combat raids this week. July is just beginning, and additional details about the other upcoming Battle Raid bosses (Legendary and Mega) should appear in the coming days of the Go season. Be sure to come back soon to learn more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news and updates. In the meantime, good luck, coach!

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.