Pokemon GO – The Best Palkia Counters (August 2022)


The last month of the Go season has arrived, and Pokemon GO players have a lot of fun. The final of GO Fest will take place at the end of this month in addition to a large themed event dedicated to beetles. Fans of combat raids also have something to rejoice about thanks to the return of some very powerful legendary combat raid bosses.

The first week of August puts Palkia in the spotlight of a Level 5 Combat Raid and gives players another chance to fight and catch a double type of water and a dragon. The stick is particularly powerful and has many great uses in the Pokemon GO meta game, so trainers will probably want to take this opportunity to add a few more to their collection.

Being a Water and dragon dual type Pokemon, this legendary Pokemon will only be weak against dragon and fairy type attacks. This slightly limits the capabilities of the counter, and players without extensive collections may have to be creative. However, there are several powerful counters available for veteran trainers who have been collecting a powerful collection from previous Battle Raid bosses for years. It may take some TM usage to get the idea move sets, so be sure to follow these guidelines and update them before the fight.

The best Palkia counters (August 2022)

Dialga – Dragon’s Breath/Meteor Draco Rakvaza – Dragon’s Tail/Lawlessness Salamens – Dragon’s Tail/Meteor Draco Palkia – Dragon’s Tail/Meteor Draco Zekrom – Dragon’s Breath/Lawlessness Dragonite – Dragon’s Tail/Lawlessness Reshiram – Dragon’s Breath/Meteor Draco Haxorus – Dragon’s Tail /Dragon’s Claw

Dragon types are a bit rare, but players who have been in the game for a long time can accumulate some of these powerful tokens. Even if the trainer does not have an ideal squad, he should be able to get through the fight by going into battle with a sufficiently large group (perhaps at least four or five allies) and sticking to the weaknesses of the Stick. Players collecting the Dragon/Fairy counters for the first time may have to spend some resources to put everything in order. Burning some stardust, TM, and candy in advance can be expensive, but it helps to ensure fewer failed attempts when the time of battle comes.

This should be all the players need to know for a big battle. Don’t forget to check back in the coming weeks for more strategy guides, news and updates as the final weeks of the Go season play out in a mobile AR game. In the meantime, good luck, coach!

Pokemon GO is now available on mobile devices.


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